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BetMGM Enters Broader Partnership with BetQL

BetMGM, which is the sports bets division of MGM, has broadened its partnership with audio and entertainment company Audacy’s BetQL, getting exclusive rights to become the company’s sportsbook. The two companies have signed an agreement for a period spanning over the usual 12-month contract term.

BetMGM’s Brand Promoted Across All BetQL Content

BetMGM’s has gained exclusive rights over all of BetQL’s programs. These include the highly popular podcast on sports betting “You Better You Bet” with its two hosts Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley becoming BetMGM’s new brand ambassadors. In addition, BetQL is expanding the relationship by starting to create content specifically for a number of MGM Resorts in the United States, where audiences are going to have access to it live. BetMGM‘s chief revenue officer Matt Prevost embraced the newly expanded partnership with BetQL:

We’re excited to further our strategic partnership with Audacy and to bring our market-leading sports betting and gaming entertainment content to millions of listeners nationwide across the entire BetQL Network platform.

BetMGM chief revenue officer Matt Prevost

BetMGM’s category exclusive rights also include programs such as “BetQL Daily,” “The Daily Tip” and “BetMGM Tonight”.

The relationship between the two companies started in March 2021 when BetMGM became a preferred partner for BetQL in connection with sports betting. This brought sports bets content from BetMGM to BetQL’s expanding audiences, who were listening to its various shows, podcasts, and radio stations.

BetQL Achieves Huge Success in Less Than a Year

Audacy’s BetQL Network started off in June 2021, when it covered just two markets. In January 2022, it already spanned over 31 markets. Since its launch its podcast popularity increased by 575%, the hours of live video watched by audiences saw a growth of 440%, and the accumulated amount of hours of content that people listened to expanded by 467%.

The network currently produces about 100 hours of unique content on a weekly basis, which is distributed on Audacy’s and BetQL’s own platforms as well as on YouTube. The content is also available on the numerous radio stations owned by Audacy and other platforms that provide content on-demand.

Audacy is a leading US company in the production and distribution of audio content across various platforms. It has an audience of over 200 million that listens to diverse music, news, and sports content. The company is the owner of 39 only-sport radio stations in the US, which, together with its podcast and other live sports content, makes it a leader in the sector.


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