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BetMGM and Cheddar News Launch New Project, Cheddar Bets

BetMGM, the online sportsbook and giant in the industry, has teamed up with Cheddar News to launch Cheddar Bets, a program examining the correlation between sports betting and financial markets.

BetMGM and Cheddar News Join Forces Launching Cheddar Bets

BetMGM has announced its collaboration with Cheddar News, launching a weekly program examining the comparison between sports betting and financial markets. This partnership makes BetMGM, which recently added former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch to its ambassador ranks, an exclusive sports wagering partner of Cheddar News.

Cheddar Bets is set to premiere on August 19, airing on Thursdays at 4:30 PM ET on the digital-first news network and broadcast from a custom-built BetMGM studio in New York. It will discuss the sporting events of the week and the sports betting impact on Wall Street, as well as feature “behind-the-book” information from BetMGM oddsmakers. Cheddar News and BetMGM have not yet announced the hosts and contributors of the program.

In a statement, BetMGM Chief Revenue Officer Matt Prevost said, “As BetMGM continues to invest in innovative sports betting content, we’ve found a great partner in Cheddar News. Through Cheddar Bets, we’ll provide informative and entertaining programming to engage new audiences.”

The Dissection of Sports Betting

Cheddar News General Manager Liam Roecklein added that Cheddar News primarily focuses on what comes next in science, tech and innovation. This background will add a new angle to the sports betting ecosystem. He said that, through this collaboration with BetMGM, Cheddar Bets will go deeper into the world of sports wagering and mostly on its effect on sports, financial markets, technology and regulations. It addresses the community that has changed sports and sports betting and that continues to push the industry forward.

Financial markets and sports betting are not the only two areas that have something in common. For years, professional sports leagues had tried to stay away from sports betting. However, since 2018, that has changed and now all sports leagues are embracing sports wagering.

BetMGM Continues to Grow

In July, BetMGM expanded its brand awareness in Pennsylvania by teaming up with MLB’s Pittsburg Pirates, bringing BetMGM branding to PNC Park. Under the deal, BetMGM and Pirates aim to integrate their content across various digital and social media platforms.

In June, BetMGM and Audacy, previously known as, announced their launch of the BetQL Network. It features “The Daily Tip,” hosted by Michael Jenkins and Chelsa Mesinger, and BetMGM Tonight, presented by Quinton Mayo and Ryan Horvat. Under the deal, Audacy expands its sports betting coverage, while BetMGM extends its reach even more.

The moves are just a few of those undertaken by BetMGM this year, and which have helped the company propel itself quickly to the top of the charts. By some estimations, it is now ranking higher than DraftKings in terms of sports betting coverage in the US.


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