BetMakers Selects Christian Stuart as CEO of North America

Leading wagering technology and data provider BetMakers Technology Group announced on Thursday that it hired the services of Christian Stuart.

Christian Stuart Joins BetMakers as CEO

Stuart is taking the position of CEO of the company’s North American operations. As an industry veteran, he has nearly two decades of experience. Moreover, Stuart has accumulated both international and domestic gaming experience within multiple disciplines. As a proven leader, he has created world-class gaming strategies, collaborated for large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and helped build sports betting and online gaming divisions.

Before joining BetMakers, Stuart played key roles as a part of Caesars Entertainment, the largest US gaming company. While a part of Caesars, he has taken roles such as SVP of business development, as well as head of Caesars sports and online gaming. While spearheading Caesars’ sports and online gaming operations, Stuart has overseen the company’s continuous expansion. Moreover, he has taken the role of EVP gaming and interactive entertainment.

Now, as a part of BetMakers, Stuart is going to be based in Las Vegas. In his new position, he is going to report directly to the company’s CEO and managing director, Todd Buckingham.

Stuart Is Excited to Join the Company

In a statement, Stuart commented by saying that he is excited about the opportunities that await BetMakers. He explained that the company’s US management and creative teams have developed a suite of innovative products that open the door for rapid expansion in the US. In conclusion, Stuart said that he is looking “forward to joining the team, exceeding the goals of existing partners, and positively impacting the future of the US racing industry.”

I am excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for BetMakers both in the US and globally.

Christian Stuart, CEO of BetMakers North America

BetMakers’ CEO and managing director, Todd Buckingham, acknowledged that the company has been focused on investing in the US market for the last 3 years. He explained that building the company’s US-focused management team was also a key priority during that period.

As a next milestone in these efforts, I am excited that Christian is joining the BetMakers leadership team as CEO of North America, given his vast leadership experience in the US gaming industry.

Todd Buckingham, CEO and managing director at BetMakers Technology Group

Buckingham added that appointing Stuart as CEO of North America marks a “milestone in these efforts.” He said that he is excited to welcome Stuart to the company’s team, considering his leadership experience within the industry. In conclusion, Buckingham deemed the growing sports betting market in North America as critical and said that it holds significant potential which BetMakers can capture.

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