November 27, 2023 2 min read


BetMakers Releases OneWatch, a Revolutionary Terminal Monitoring Tool

OneWatch will give support teams comprehensive oversight of critical wagering terminal systems, BetMakers’ CTO said

BetMakers Technology Group, a leading wagering technology and data partner, has unveiled OneWatch, its new terminal monitoring solution. The innovative tool will allow companies to easily manage thousands of terminals.

BetMakers described OneWatch as a wagering terminal monitoring and analytics tool that has been designed to revolutionize wagering terminal operations from manual and reactive to smart and proactive.

According to the announcement, OneWatch will reinforce BetMakers and its Global Tote division with a robust tool for terminal maintenance and support services. OneWatch notably includes centralized monitoring of the entire wagering terminal estate with a single, consolidated dashboard. In addition to that, the tool provides real-time status indicators, alerts and general health reports.

Another thing OneWatch excels in is the analysis of historical data and its data-driven decision-making. Finally, BetMakers’ new solution offers dashboard integration with third-party automation tools.

Global Tote’s operation teams, for example, will leverage the solution to manage the company’s thousands of BetLine Series wagering terminals across the US. Global Tote clients will also be provided with insights into their BetLine terminals, a centralized dashboard and historical data.

In addition, clients who acquire BetLine terminals can also leverage OneWatch to gain visibility into their machines’ performance and secure access to tools they can use to improve customer satisfaction.

BetMakers Wants to Drive Innovation

BetMakers Technology Group’s chief technology officer, Karl Begg, commented on the launch, highlighting BetMakers’ goal to simplify betting. According to Begg, the company’s BetLine Series of wagering terminals seeks to ensure that all key elements of betting terminal service can be analyzed and monitored.

Whether deployed for our North American clients or by a client that owns their own BetLine terminals, OneWatch™ will give support teams comprehensive oversight of critical wagering terminal systems, ensuring that nothing escapes attention.

Karl Begg, CTO, BetMakers Technology Group

Begg added that BetMakers continues its mission to transform the global racing industry by enhancing the overall wagering experience. The BetLine Series and the OneWatch solution are just two of the ways in which BetMakers has supported the sector.

OneWatch will officially launch for clients in Q1 2024. In the meantime, the solution is being rolled out to BetMakers’ Global Tote operations.


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