Betkwiff Renews Isle of Man B2C License

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Sports betting company betkwiff, describing itself as a super-charged sports betting service, has successfully renewed its business-to-customer operating license in the Isle of Man.

Betkwiff Renews B2C License

With the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission extending its license, betkwiff will aim to “open opportunities for international traffic.” Betkwiff believes it can use the strong regulatory rules of the local gaming authority to its advantage and benefit from the enhanced integrity and player protections to target emerging markets that don’t have the same level of regulation themselves.

To this end, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is a strong standards-setter that will attest to betkwiff’s good intentions of providing superior, fair and well-regulated sports betting products.

Betkwiff is firm that the Isle of Man is a leading and forward-thinking jurisdiction and is more than delighted to have its license renewed.

The Company Will Use the Isle of Man’s Strong Regulator to Its Advantage

Charles Lee, the chief executive officer of betkwiff, spoke on the renewed B2C license. He said that he is glad to have it renewed and thinks that this demonstrates betkwiff’s good intentions of adhering to the highest possible industry standards.

Lee added that his business has already established a robust “rock-solid foundation” that will be an important asset for betkwiff’s advancement to the next growth stage.

Betkwiff was founded in 2015 by Anders Ström and Karl Engström. The two men are also known as the founder and co-founder of platform for sports betting, online casino, bingo and online poker provider Unibet. Boasting of a leadership team with years of experience in the betting sector, betkwiff remains bullish on targeting smaller markets that have not been sufficiently explored yet and providing them with trustworthy betting products of superior quality.

Betkwiff Remains Headquartered in Well-Regulated Regions

Other than the just renewed business-to-customer license in the Isle of Man, betkwiff also operates in Malta’s betting market, where it’s licensed by the local gaming authority. The Maltese operations of betkwiff are overseen and operated by the Kwiff Limited firm, a proprietary of the British company Easton Gate Gaming.

Both Malta and the Isle of Man are regions with high interest from betting operators. In March, the Isle of Man saw a big upsurge of interest from such companies, thanks to its gambling regulations, low taxes and superior IT structure. In a similar fashion, Malta has proven to be a highly-attractive region to gambling companies, despite the Maltese gambling authority readily revoking the license of those who refuse to play by its rules.

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