June 6, 2023 3 min read


Betinvest and PandaScore Sign Transformative Strategic Deal

The new partnership seeks to revolutionize esports betting by bringing unique experiences and esports content for customers of sports betting operators around the world

The leading international iGaming service provider, Betinvest, announced it forged a new alliance with the famous esports data provider, PandaScore. Details about the new collaboration, described as a transformative strategic partnership, emerged Monday. Ultimately, the new deal seeks to revolutionize esports betting by delivering unique and high-quality esports content for sportsbook operators.

PandaScore will achieve this by tapping into new content. The company confirmed it agreed with Betinvest to acquire rights for CyberLive!Arena esports, delivering engaging options for eBasketball, as well as eFootball tournaments. Moreover, PandaScore secured access to content from Esports Pro Club, delivering thrilling eBasketball and eFootball options.

Overall, the company can access more than 13,340 esports events on a monthly basis. Thanks to the new partnership, the new content will seamlessly blend with PandaScore’s current offering. This, in turn, will deliver more entertaining and engaging options for the company’s sports betting partners.

The deal with Betinvest helps further solidify PandaScore’s position as a leading provider of comprehensive data for the esports vertical. Currently, the company offers unique insights for globally-recognized games, including CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends, among others.

Now, via the new partnership with Betinvest and access to its esports solutions, PandaScore will significantly expand its portfolio of esports events. Consequently, the company’s partners will gain access to more content, as well as odds and other esports-related products, supercharging their offering for esports fans and bettors alike.

The Deal Helps Expand Betinvest’s Reach

Oliver Niner, PandaScore’s head of sales, explained that expanding its esports offering by delivering thrilling new features and products for popular games is an ongoing goal for the company. “This has always been our primary focus, as it reflects our expertise and passion in the field,” he added.

Niner pointed out that PandaScore identified the potential of e-battles which pushed it to join forces with different companies and partners. According to the company’s head of sales, Betinvest is currently a leader in offering e-battles and joining forces with them marks an exciting moment for PandaScore. Finally, Niner said that the company is looking forward to the success and new experiences the collaboration with Betinvest will bring.

Betinvest stands out as a clear market leader in offering E-battles, and we are thrilled to have partnered up with them. E-battles are already in production with several of our customers, resulting in high volume and favorable margins.

Oliver Niner, head of sales at PandaScore

Daria Petrus, Betinvest’s business development team lead, was similarly delighted about the partnership with PandaScore. She explained that the deal enables the company to reach new sportsbook operators, delivering its exclusive esports solutions. Finally, Petrus predicted that the combination of Betinvest’s esports offering and PandaScore’s expertise will deliver new esports experiences for customers of sports betting operators around the world.


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