Betfred Pays out Manchester City to Win Premier League Early Again

Betfred has done it before, so why not do it again? The British sportsbook is paying out all bets on Manchester City to win the Premier League ahead of the event’s end, as the company is confident that nothing can dethrone the team.

Paying out in Advance is Betfred’s Signature Style

Betfred has paid out wagers ahead of time on other occasions as well. The 2020 US Presidential election was one of the most contentious political events in modern history and the history of any sportsbook for that matter.

Betfred wrapped up its markets early, calling Joe Biden the winner, which he was as events later proved. At the same time, the company drew the ire of some disgruntled punters who had been expecting to make a killing on the long, long odds for the incumbent and now former US President Donald Trump.

Today though, as a result of Betfred’s decision, anyone having an open selection on Manchester City may go right ahead and claim their winnings. City are six points atop the Premier League, making their loss in the remaining of the season unlikely, but not completely impossible, especially with so many games still left to go.

However, there have been some voices of discontent on social media. With 20-odd games still left on the season, the payout is premature, to say the least, some social media users argue. Betfred, though, is willing to pay what is almost $4 million worth of winnings to punters regardless of this.

Betfred has made some faux pas along the way. The biggest debacle it did was when it decided to pay out early on Manchester United in 2012, but the company’s calculations proved off the mark when Manchester City managed to steal the trophy in an unlikely scenario involving a great goal by their striker at the time, Sergio Aguero.

Fred Done Regrets the Move But Argues It’s the Only One Left

Fred Done, the owner of Betfred, has been commenting on these events over the years. In 2017, when Betfred named Manchester City the winner halfway through, Done argued that while it was said to be calling an event’s outcome that early into the competition, the Blues were the only true champions. He explained:

“This is painful both for the heart and the wallet but after winning at Old Trafford there is no way no one is closing that 11-point gap. This hurts but the Blues look unstoppable so I’m giving the punters who backed them an early Christmas present.”

Betfred owner Fred Done

In conclusion, Done wished City fans a Happy New Year and said they should go and buy champagne with their winnings.

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