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Betfred Goes Launches Iowa with New Partnership

  • Betfred announces U.S. Expansion in Iowa
  • The UK sportsbook is teaming up with Grand Falls Casino Resort
  • Betfred will bring the full offer of its platform, including mobile and online betting

Betfred has teamed up with Grand Falls Casino Resort to introduce its full sports betting portfolio in Iowa, the United States.

Betfred Expands to the United States with Sports Betting Offer

Betfred has become the latest UK sportsbook to focus on the United States where the company will team up with Elite Casino Resort and specifically extend its offer to the Grand Falls Casino Resort owned by the former in Iowa.

Having obtained regulatory approval, Betfred is prepared to bring Iowa’s gamers a number of services that have been already tested at home in the UK. Betfred will provide opportunities to place digital wagers, make a bet in person or use a handheld device to place a wager also known as mobile betting.

Betfred will not just be bringing its gaming expertise but a set of skills, including business intelligence and analytics, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering practices, customer support, payments and marketing. The sportsbooks comes from one of the most heavily regulated markets, which will land it a distinct advantage over much of the competition.

While the United States hasn’t fined sportsbooks en masse yet, complying with existing statures is the surest ways to avoid trouble in the future.

Regulatory Approval for Betfred in Iowa

Betfred has won the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission’s approval which allows it to effectively establish the Betfred Sports Iowa subsidiary, which will operate as part of the casino property. Betfred is also expanding in both commercial and tribal casinos, the result of a deal with SCCG Management in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is what Betfred CEO Fred Done had to say on the occasion of announcing the Iowa expansion:

I’m delighted to partner with Elite Casino Resorts in Iowa and we look forward to working with our new partners and sharing our joint expertise in what is a very exciting opportunity and market.

Elite Casino Resort CEO Dan Kehl shared Mr. Done’s enthusiasm, pointing out that the casino was thrilled to offer another world-class product to the US punter. All of this has been made possible not just because of Betfred’s determination to break into new markets, but also thanks to lawmakers’ efforts.

In May, the state’s Governor, Kim Reynolds, landed his support for a bill, allowing Iowa to welcome mobile, online and land-based sports betting activities, putting the state on the map overnight.

Betfred’s commitment to overseas betting excellence will be put to the test in Iowa where the company will be allowed to run its complete betting offer. If everything goes according to plan, Betfred will look for new partners in other states that have legalized or consider legalizing sports betting. Still, Betfred will have to learn how to avoid some of its past mistakes and reputation-damaging moves it has not so long ago allowed to happen.

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