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Betfred Bettor Who Sued Company Talks How He Will Spend $3M Prize

The story of Andry Green, 55, is finally coming to an end as the man managed to take Betfred to court over the unpaid £1.7 million ($2.07 million) blackjack jackpot and is now awaiting a payout from the company. He will be given £2.4 million ($2.92 million) because of the accrued interest rate, and he was happy to share with the media what he would spend his money on.

Green’s Court Battle Creates Important Precedent

Green won the original $2.07 million in 2018 but was denied payment due to a technical malfunction in the platform that voided the wager after the fact. However, Green would not settle to go down quietly and he took the company to court.

Betfred had a good case but lost in 2021 and were ordered to honor the $2.92 million, factoring in the interest rate. Green has been quite happy with the outcome and he still awaits the payment, he has spoken to the media about his plans on how to spend his money next.

Green will start with a $30,500 man cave project in his backyard where he will build a 20-feet space that is dedicated to just his own interests, which are mostly watching sports. This, Green argues, will give him relief from his daughters who are constantly complaining that “dad is hogging the TV.”

Putting the Money to Work

The man has treated himself to some additional things in the meantime. He frugally bought a second-hand BMX X6 and changed the windows of his home for better insulation. Green has kept his cool against Betfred, although the odds weren’t on his side. There have been other cases involving gambling companies excusing a payout with a “software glitch,” which while a legitimate concern is hardly any of gamblers’ concern.

Green did not offer much additional insight into what he would use the rest of the sizable sum on. Whatever it is, the man’s frugal lifestyle suggests that he will not have to worry about meeting financial obligations any time soon.  

His case is also a good precedent to help other gamblers who may be in legal limbo over unpaid wagers caused by “software glitches.”


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