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Betfair Rolls Out MatchMe Feature to Match Your Bet

Betfair has introduced the MatchMe feature to help sports fans find the best odds for their selections and automatically adjust bets. Using the feature, Betfair says, will fully match your bet. 

MatchMe Odds-Adjustment Feature to Help Betfair Bettors 

Sports betting exchange Betfair has added the ‘MatchMe’ feature, which is a betting advisor that is designed to assist sports fans with their selections and guide them to the best possible options. 

Betfair is releasing MatchMe for back bets and specifically volatile markets where liquidity is low, and prices tend to shift constantly. At launch, the service is available for players in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and Italy.

MatchMe is also an addition to the Betfair user interface and can be disabled upon request. In practice, though, it helps bettors get matched up with the best selection and odds of success. 

While MatchMe is looking for a viable selection, the odds may shift for better ones, which will be reflected automatically by the tool, and consumers would be listed at the better odds. 

Some more advanced consumers have been editing and canceling bets when placing at worse odds in a bid to locate a better option in the past. Now, Betfair wants to completely automate the process, saving consumers precious time.

Owned by Flutter Entertainment, Betfair is one of the most prominent names in sports betting on both sides of the pond and in Europe. The company was a pioneer in betting exchanges, a concept that was unknown and even ridiculed by outsiders before it took the world by storm. 

Betfair has been actively seeking to expand its footprint in new markets, securing a five-year iGaming license in Colombia. Betfair has always sought fair outcomes, too. The betting exchange settled the 46th US President election race market and paid out early to bettors when it saw that Joe Biden was a shoo-in. 

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