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Betegy Prepares US Pivot with Bill Pascrell on Supervisory Board

Betegy brings Bill Pascrell III Esq as a supervisory board member to spearhead the company’s growth in the United States and leverage big sports data with gaming operators, major sports leagues, and media companies.

Bill Pascrell III Esq to Pivot Betegy’s Strategy in America

The United States sports betting market is developing quickly as over 20 states now have a legal framework that enables them to accept bets on sports contests, and six other states recently voted and approved during gambling legalization during the 46th Presidential election ballot. Joining the thriving industry in America Betegy, a Warsaw, Poland headquartered company, is looking to find application for its sports data content solutions.

To spearhead the company’s efforts in this Brave New World of sports betting opportunity, Betegy is bringing Bill Pascrell III Esq who will serve as the company’s supervisory board member.

Pascrell’s expertise will shine as Betegy will be able to use the financial resource acquired from JKR Investment Group designed to help various entities, including professional sports leagues, gaming operators and media companies display data with the ultimate goal of helping consumers make better-informed calls about their own betting prospects.

Rendering Complex Data into Engaging Graphics

Betegy seems to be the right company for the job, as it can translate complex and statistically-relevant data into engaging graphics and widgets. Data visualization is going to play an increasingly important role at a time when serious companies such as ESPN and Fox Bet are looking to leverage their grasp of sports and tap into the even more promising sports betting industry.

Pascrell is excited to step in his new role, saying that assuming a position within Betegy bestows upon him a great opportunity, but also a responsibility towards the US client base. He praised the cutting-edge technology ingrained in the very fabric of Betegy, making the company a household name with a global reach, and added:

“Betegy is a strong and dynamic company that has the tools and leadership to penetrate the US market and to provide unique data content to its growing US clientele.”      

-Betegy supervisory board member Bill Pascrell III Esq

Starting a New Chapter for Betegy

Betegy founder and chief executive Alex Kornilov has been equally excited to start “a new chapter” for the company with the addition of Pascrell and the financial support from JKR. “Bill Pascrell’s long experience in U.S. and global markets will be invaluable as he helps us to navigate new markets. His experience is vital for Betegy’s success in the US,” Kornilov said.

Over the years, Betegy has been able to establish itself as a market leader, catering to high-end clients the likes of Yahoo Sports,, ESPN, Tipico, and many other parties. The company was backed unanimously by JKR, with JKR chief executive Alexander Gusev sharing his delight to be supporting Betegy is a dynamic and growing market.

According to Gusev, Betegy is an example of how similar services can boost their clients’ portfolios and reach for solutions that transcend expectations. Betegy’s leading data technologies and services will benefit a wide array of entities, Gusev concluded.


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