September 28, 2023 2 min read


BETBY Expands Sportsbook Features with Combo Freebets

The new feature further improves the provider's sportsbook, elevating customer engagement and delivering new experiences

The innovative sportsbook technology and solutions provider, BETBY, announced it bolstered its sportsbook with the addition of Combo Freebets, a new and engaging feature. The latest feature from the leading provider seeks to improve player retention by offering bonuses for winning combination bets. Additionally, Combo Freebets is expected to have a positive impact on operator turnover.

The new feature from BETBY comes at a time when more sports bettors show interest in combination bets. Such options create an engaging experience and at the same time, grant the bettors a chance to secure big payouts with multiple lower stakes.

BETBY’s new feature offers customization options that make it suitable for a wide range of players. It is available for any sporting event or competition which is a testament to its scalability. Leveraging Combo Freebets, the company’s operator partners will benefit from enhancing player experience and improved customer engagement and acquisition.

Aglaja Geta, BETBY’s senior product owner, spoke about the constant interest of bettors toward more engaging experiences. She praised the company’s innovative sports betting platform and solutions that have the players in mind and are powered by solid technology. Finally, Geta predicted: “Combo Freebets will greatly enhance the enjoyment and thrill of placing these bets, and we are certain that we will see an uplift in engagement.”

There is no denying that bettors are always seeking a more engaging experience when using any sports betting platform, and we pride ourselves on providing innovation and excitement within our product suite.

Aglaja Geta, senior product owner at BETBY

The Provider Continues to Improve Its Products

The launch of Combo Freebets follows BETBY’s global expansion. Earlier this month, the company confirmed it opened the doors of a new office located in Barcelona, Spain. The new office location comes amid a busy period for the company as it anticipates further expansion across the globe and solidifying its presence as a leading sportsbook provider.

Now, the latest feature from BETBY further improves its cutting-edge sportsbook. As noted, Combo Freebets grants a strategic advantage that betting operators can use and deliver thrilling experiences for their clients.

Powered by innovation, BETBY’s sportsbook offers wagering options for more than 700,000 competitions. Its sportsbook has already proven that it is scalable and effective in different markets around the globe, powering leading betting and gaming operators.


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