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Betby Expands Offering with F1 Coverage

Betby has expanded its range of available betting markets with F1. This marks the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of opportunities as Betby seeks to provide partners with more wagering markets to relay back to their player bases. The inclusion of F1 comes along with 20 new betting markets for the company.

Betby Expands Portfolio of Odds with F1

The product is scheduled to go live before the French Grand Prix which will be taking place on Saturday, July 24. Betby will offer pre-game and in-play betting opportunities. F1 has been climbing through viewership records with a 56% increase in eyeballs watching the sport in 2021 alone.

Part of this success is owing to the partnership the F1 signed with Netflix to raise awareness for its products. Now, Betby can step in and seek to help the company scale its operations through wagering. Betby believes that this alliance will ensure that the F1 maintains a strong commercial momentum.

Commenting on the partnership, Betby CEO Leonid Pertsovskiy said that Formula 1 is a fantastic addition to the company’s market offering given the tremendous boom in popularity the sport had experienced in recent years. He added:

As it is such a data-centric sport, it marries up with our love of data and metrics as well, and we think it’s a perfect addition to our sportsbook. We’ve got an exciting roadmap of products and markets ahead and look forward to seeing how fans respond to our F1 offering.

Leonid Pertsovskiy

Betby has been expanding rapidly throughout the sports and betting worlds, with the company signing partnerships with Groove, launching cricket as part of its virtual inventory, and appointing Rocio Moitino as head of sales in Latin America at the beginning of the year.


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