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BetBlocker to Utilize AI Solutions by Blask to Spearhead RG Efforts

BetBlocker, an established leader in advocating and advancing responsible gambling solutions, has teamed up with a new powerful AI ally

The company, Blask, which focuses on crunching big data and leverages AI solutions to support partners, will prove invaluable to BetBlocker’s efforts to further strengthen safeguards related to player safety and consumer protection in gambling.

Bringing AI and RG Together to Tackle Gambling Harm

This partnership is a two-way street as Blask will also benefit from BetBlocker’s expertise and strengthen its analytics. Meanwhile, BetBlocker will improve its self-exclusion solution based on the AI experts’ insights and ability to comprehensively identify behavior and support players.

Commenting on this opportunity, Blask CEO Max Tesla hailed the chance to see his company work closely with BetBlocker and share its commitment to address gambling-related harm and help problem gamblers, making a real difference in the process.

We are thrilled to partner with BetBlocker in our mission to use technology to create a more ethical way of doing things within the iGaming industry,” said Tesla.

BetBlocker trustee and founder Duncan Garvie expressed similar enthusiasm about the partnership, noting that challenges remained in ensuring a robust standard of self-exclusion for all parties involved.

Among the biggest challenges was identifying which operators were new to the market. However, this concern may now be properly addressed by leveraging Blask’s analytics capabilities, which could help BetBlocker act in a more prompt and targeted fashion.

“Their innovative AI technology will help us to identify gaps in our protections faster and provide stronger and more effective restrictions for our tens of thousands of users,” said Garvie, reflecting on the future of player protection.

Blask to Reshape Our Understanding of the Industry

Blask is a company built around technological excellence, aiming to capture insights from the iGaming market and provide them to key decision-makers.

In May, the company rolled out its AI analytics platform, delivering on its promise. The platform was co-founded by Tesla and Dmitry Belianin, a long-time industry thought leader.

Since its launch in 2023, Blask has garnered strong support from angel investors, notably from Yolo Investments. Despite fears that AI in gambling could help companies direct their products better at players and galvanize higher participation, companies like Blask are setting out to buck this trend and prove otherwise.


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