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Betano and Atlético Mineiro Release an Innovative NFT Collection

Betano, a leading digital sports betting operator and a fast-growing tech company, has unveiled a new exciting non-fungible token collection in collaboration with Atlético Mineiro from the Brazilian soccer championship. According to Betano, each token of the digital collectibles will grant a unique experience to the collectors.

Betano Launches an Atlético NFT Collection

The whole collection will consist of a total of around 50 NFTs which will be divided into three different tiers according to their content. Depending on the tier, the NFTs’ price will vary.

The lowest tier is the Silver Edition NFTs. Each individual NFT of this tier will be sellable for $200 per piece. Its price will be fixed and it will be the easiest one to get. The tier will have a total of 50 tokens, each containing a personalized piece of media with Atlético’s players, exclusive merchandise, and/or other items and benefits.

The next tier is the Golden Edition. It will have only four total NFTs that will be auctioned over a week-long period with a starting price of $5,000. The lucky auction winners will get flight tickets to Brazil where they will get to meet and greet Atlético’s players. Other activities are also planned for the beneficiaries of this tier.

Last but not least, the Betano Effect tier is a single NFT whose lucky owner will receive the rare chance of spending a whole day in the team’s training facilities. The NFT owner will also get to train with the athletes, will be provided with a year-long Atlético membership and will be granted various valuable items, such as official jerseys and more. This valuable NFT will not be purchasable and will instead be a reward for completing certain Betano challenges.

Brand New Way to Connect with Fans

Alexander Fonseca, the country manager of Betano’s ownership company, Kaizen Gaming, spoke on the new NFT offerings. He explained that the release of such NFTs that provide their owners with physical experiences is unprecedented both in Brazil and in the wider iGaming industry.

Felipe Ribbe, the head of innovation at Clube Atlético Mineiro, added that the team is very happy to collaborate with Betano and Ribbe is excited to provide fans with a novel NFT collection that goes beyond the digital space.

“We see non-fungible tokens as passes that unlock experiences in the physical world and that’s what we are bringing here,” Ribbe explained.

For Atlético, this move is an important step for demonstrating the team’s commitment to innovation and its involvement with the cryptocurrency space.


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