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Bet365 Launches in Full in Mexico Backed by a Local Operator

  • Bet365 launches Mexican gaming domain
  • The partnership is stuck for a period of 25 years
  • Local conglomerate TV Azteca will work with bet365

Bet365 is now fully launched in Mexico thanks to a local partnership with TV Azteca’s subsidiary.

Bet365 Gets Its Mexican Domain Up and Running

Bet365 is now sealing another profitable deal in Mexico, launching the company’s first domain in the country. Bet365.mx has gone life, allowing Mexican sports fans to place their wagers at the British-headquarters international betting platform.

Earlier this week, the website got the go-ahead by the Dirección General de Juegos y Sorteos (DGJS), the body tasked with overseeing the iGaming and betting industries in the country as pat o the Ministry of the Interior.

Bet365 has teamed up with a local partner, Ganador Azteca, which is a subsidiary of TV Azteca, a big media conglomerate in the country, which owns some of the largest TV networks. Bet365 and TV Azteca now have their eyes on the future, as the Mexican conglomerate won a 25-year licensing agreement from the Ministry last year.

While the original plan was for TV Azteca to launch a subsidiary and team up with multiple operators, the Ministry altered the terms of the agreement to only feature one betting company. Much to the relief of Bet365, the British company was the one to get drafted and approved.

While some “against” opinions have been voiced in the past, the majority of lawmakers in Latin America agree that gambling and sports betting are going to have a positive effect on the region.

Bet365 Beyond Mexico – Latin America Beckons to Gambling Operators

Bet365’s success in Mexico has given the company the confidence to push with expansion beyond. In Argentina, Bet365 is already in talks with local operator Pasteko, hoping to make all the difference in Buenos Aires, which is the first place in the country where gambling will be permitted. Once again the terms of the deal want international and local operators to cooperate.

Meanwhile, TV Azteca has been working on other verticals. The conglomerate land an important partnership with Allied Esports and the World Poker Tour to stream content in Mexico. Esports has been another vertical which has seen quite a bit of growth over the last year. Allied Esports in particular has been developing its assets in that area.

Gambling in Mexico hasn’t been developing at the quickest pace imaginable, but the country is definitely warming up to the idea of placing wagers online. Meanwhile, Brazil has also approved a framework to allow sports betting in the country.

At a time when gambling regulations in Europe are stiffer than at any other point in the past, operators are looking for new opportunities in the United States. Funny that they should find them in Latin America instead.

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