July 20, 2022 2 min read


Bet365 Adds Soccer Data to PA Betting Services Partnership

PA Betting Services continue to strengthen its relationship with bet365. The company has been providing content to bet365 for more than two decades now, featuring soccer, horseracing, and other content from the world of sports.

Bet365 Expands on Data Feeds and Depth with PA Betting Services

The new tie-up focuses on soccer data which bet365 will make full good use of in developing and deploying product offerings with customers on a global scale. PA Betting Services will particularly focus on Eastern Europe, South America, and Scandinavia, seeking to raise the expertise of bet365 in those regions. The company is confident that bet365 only stands to benefit from this new data alliance which will translate into better-optimized betting products for the end customer.

PA Betting Services has cultivated its Football Data API solution and technology specifically to be able to deliver on-demand solutions to trusted partners. Commenting on this partnership, PA Betting Services director Eugene Delaney welcomed the opportunity and said it was an important stepping-stone for the company.

Our teams work relentlessly to ensure all PA Betting Services data is delivered quickly and accurately. We have showcased our agility and reliability to deliver multiple leagues from around the world in a short space of time.

PA Betting Services director Eugene Delaney

The partnership is important for both companies as they seek to elevate their presence and standing in the highly-competitive sports betting world. PA Betting Services recently secured Eugene Delaney, the former B2B director at Spotlight Sports Group, who joined the company in March. Delaney stepped in as managing director, inspired to ensure that the company can realize its full potential.

PA Betting Services Continues to Grow Footprint in LatAm

PA Betting Services’ expertise in the Latin American region began to deepen as a result of a partnership the company struck with ElTurf, an information provider in the horse racing industry in Chile. The company still believes it has a lot to build, but it’s confident that the latest tie-up with bet365 is a sign that PA Betting Services has been innovating in the right direction.


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