February 28, 2023 3 min read


Bet3000 Announces New Partnership with Merkur eSolutions

Bet3000 will integrate Merkur’s omnichannel offering across approximately 300 of its locations

Merkur’s portfolio will enable sports betting fans to sign up for both in situ as well as online sports betting.

Signing Up at Terminals Includes an E-wallet

Bet3000 is a German specialist in land-based and online sports betting and the new cooperation with Merkur’s eSolutions hardware enables the operator to be compliant with Germany’s strict requirements. Players will be able to use the eSolutions terminals across Bet3000’s locations to make deposits, which will also give them access to a paylado e-wallet.

This is how players can place their bets both within Bet3000’s venue, as well as online, making for a very convenient and easy process.

Merkur eSolutions has allowed us to significantly optimize our payment method separation in compliance with the legal framework.

Afrim Gajraku – Bet3000’s chief executive officer

Gajraku added that Merkur’s software and hardware solutions have made the Bet3000’s offerings even more attractive and customer-friendly. At the same time, Thomas Bone – the CEO of Merkur’s Online Divisions B2B praised the partnership with Bet3000, saying that the company is “one of Germany’s leading betting providers”. He added that paylado is a reputable offering.

Euro Payment Group’s (EPG) paylado e-wallet is a LUGAS-approved payment service. As Bet3000 customers will be getting access to paylado upon signing up at eSolutions terminals, Rupert Kainzbauer – the CEO of Euro Payment Group (EPG)– explained that the process of converting cash and carrying out transactions with e-money would be “uncomplicated and secure.”

Germany’s Tightening its Gambling Regulation

This is a big milestone for all companies involved, as Germany’s iGaming market has been growing steadily lately. This also brought about a strong need for updating legislation and regulatory requirements in the industry, however. Hence the focus on using an approved payment service and why all three companies mentioned security and compliance.

Another instrument in Germany’s arsenal in the crackdown on the black iGaming market was the introduction of a new federal gambling regulator – the Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL). The regulator aims to make the illegal market unsustainable for its participants, and last month it vowed to take the appropriate actions to get there.

Although licensing and regulation are at the forefront of the conversation, Germany is taking more steps to tighten its approach towards gambling in the country. Federal Drug Commissioner Burkhard Blienert urged the government to be more restrictive in its attitude toward addictive substances such as alcohol and tobacco, and he added sports betting to the conversation as well.

According to Blienert, Germany has some of the most liberal attitudes towards alcohol and tobacco – the legal age for alcohol consumption in Germany is 14, with the caveat of required parental supervision. His focus was on limiting exposure among the younger generations, and called for removing ads for these substances, again – including sports betting in the mix – during primetime, if not entirely.


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