February 21, 2023 2 min read


Bet2Bank Introduces a New and Unique Betting Experience

Blockchain-based project Bet2Bank, confirmed the launch of a new betting experience that combines staking pools, fixed odds sports bets and peer-to-peer (P2P) custom betting dapp

The project confirmed Monday that the new unique betting experience seeks to eliminate different shortcomings of the traditional centralized wagering platforms. Such deficiencies include a lack of security, high fees, as well as lack of transparency.

Bet2Bank users can benefit from accessing different features thanks to holding quantities of BXB tokens. Moreover, the project itself operates on a three-tier system which further improves the process and improves efficiency.

“Bet2Bank facilitates its users with Betting-as-a-Service (BaaS) where a custom TG bot is connected to a smart contract that works with another bot to place low-risk sports bets automatically based on preset parameters and collected data,” explains a statement released by Bet2Bank. The blockchain-based project enables the users to deposit USDC, then place a command with the bot which then returns their USDC along with profits, if there are such.

Bet2Bank is proud to launch this innovative gaming experience that provides a decentralized and inclusive platform for our community. The company is thriving to transform the gaming and trading industry by incorporating blockchain and web3 technologies that ensure transparency, security, and low fees,

reads a statement released by Bet2Bank

Thanks to the P2P custom betting functionality, users can engage in trades against other users. This delivers plenty of unique functions and gaming options, delivering game customization options for the users. At the same time, the users can create their own trades. It’s important to mention that before the outcome of the event is revealed, the users’ funds are held in escrow.

Currently, Bet2Bank’s project team has three partners: a significantly experienced Web3 developer, as well as two partners that were a part of large-scale market cap projects. SirTris, a trusted and respected developer within the ERC-20 vertical has written the BXB smart contract, which is hard-coded with taxes that cannot go above 7%. Moreover, under the contract, Max wallet cannot be changed to zero, which eliminates any attempts for tampering or scams.


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