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Bayes Esports and bet365 Launch Esports Betting Products in the US

Esports live data company Bayes Esports, announces its registration as an officially licensed supplier of esports betting products in New Jersey and Colorado, the US. Thus, Bayes Esports becomes the first registered supplier in the US, which will leverage official esports live data directly from a game publisher, and in this way, the esports data company will support the new online betting activities and experiences.

New Standards in the US Gambling Sector

New integrity standards in the US gambling sector have been established as the usage of official live game data is extremely important to protect the integrity of sports wagering. Esports betting operators were given a green light to establish themselves in the U.S.

As the American gaming market has been previously dominated by offline betting sites, including Las Vegas and Atlantic City, a new chapter in gambling, especially sports betting, is about to begin. However, betting operators face a number of difficulties to ensure that every part of their betting value chain is licensed properly in terms of state regulations, as well as sports and events. This is because every state has its own betting regulations, which may differ from state to state. Besides, if betting operators use unofficial data offerings or unlicensed services, they can face heavy fines or even be included in the red list of a certain state.

As Bayer has become a licensed esports data supplier in New Jersey and Colorado, the registration of betting operators in these two states is now much easier. Bayes led the way and facilitated the other gambling companies to offer esports betting sports. bet365 is one of the operators, which will follow Bayes’ steps, as the British betting company will expand its partnership with Bayes to the US.

Bayer is actively collaborating with the respective governing authorities and law-making powers, including Nevada Gaming Control Board, in order to decide how the respective legislation can ensure legal and responsible live online betting and esports betting. The esports data company is taking part in determining the new legislation, which will allow live online wagering in 31 US states, and esports betting in nine states.

Promise Kept

Amir Mirzaee, chief operating officer and managing director of Bayes, commented that in May when the esports data company announced the closure of its financing round, it shared its plans for expansion on the US market and its intention to become a licensed betting supplier. Mirzaee confirmed that Bayes’ promise was kept. He also added that despite the fact that the European betting market significantly outpaced the US market, the latter was changing and was about to become “one of the biggest and most relevant markets in the near future.”


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