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Barcelona vs Liverpool – Predictions , UCL Semi-final Leg 2

  • Barcelona steals a big 3-point advantage from Liverpool
  • Messi continues to dominate the stadium
  • Liverpool defeat New Castle in the EPL

Barcelona and Liverpool will be facing off on Tuesday, May 7, at 3:00 PM EST with the Reds 3 points behind the Spanish soccer powerhouse. Jurgen Klopp’s players now face a tough challenge. Can Liverpool outplay the seemingly unstoppable Catalonians?

Game 2 Predictions: Barca vs Liverpool – Messi Unstoppable

A lot of uncertainty surrounds the second leg of the UEFA Champions League. With both Tottenham and Liverpool suffering defeats the idea of seeing a EPL Final in UCL is implausible.

“Liverpool needs a miracle to knock out Messi and Barcelona.”

Liverpool aren’t out yet, but they will need to pull a 3-0 to even catch up to Barcelona at home turf at Ainfield, which isn’t going to be easy. Even before Game 1, analysts commented that for Liverpool to succeed, they would need to take up responsibility and counter Messi, as the game’s rhythm dictated.

Liverpool fell short of the task at hand but they rose to the occasion in the interim game at home against Newcastle.

Is Lionel Messi unstoppable? This is one accurate way to put it. ESPN UK’s analysts predicted that Liverpool “needs a miracle to knock out Messi and Barcelona”

Firmino and Dembele Out for Game 2

Roberto Firmino had to miss the opening game, leaving Liverpool at the mercy of Barcelona. He won’t be coming back in Game 2 on Tuesday either. It is never a good thing when players miss out because of an injury, but Liverpool will not be the only ones missing on players.

Ousmane Dembele, Barcelona’s French talent, will also have to skip the Tuesday game due to an injury, the club and media outlet shared.

Emboldened by Newcastle Victory

Delivering an outstanding performance against Newcastle, Liverpool are finally a little more relaxed when it comes to playing well at home. They pried away a highly-contested game with a game-sealing 3rd goal in the 86th minute, courtesy of Divock Origi.

  Barcelona and Liverpool – UCL Stats 2019  
Barcelona   Liverpool
7 Wins 7
3 Draws 1
0 Losses 4
26 Goals 18
180 Total Attempts 145
90% Passing accuracy 82%
60% Possession 52%

Newcastle did play an exceptional match and prodded the weaknesses in the Reds’ defense, highlighting potential issues.

Is Salah Out?

If there is one serious challenge Liverpool face that is whether Mohamed Salah will be able to play on Tuesday.

The Egyptian got injured during the game versus Newcastle in which Liverpool were pushing for an EPL victory, and even though their chances of securing the title are slim, Salah’s commitment was outstanding.

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, May 7, 2019, 3:00 PM EST
  • Venue: Ainfield, London

Salah will most likely not miss out the game on Tuesday, which is very good news for Liverpool who rely on him to coordinate their midfielders and offense.


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