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Bally’s Corporation Says Robeson Reeves to Replace Lee Fenton as CEO

Bally’s Corporation has announced Robeson Reeves as its new chief executive officer starting March 31, 2023

The global casino-entertainment company with a constantly growing offering of sports betting and iGaming products has announced its current chief executive officer Lee Fenton will be replaced by its interactive department president – Reeves. 

Fenton Will Also Leave Bally’s Board of Directors

The decision will come into effect starting March 31, 2023. Besides stepping down from the CEO role that he accepted in October 2021 when Gamesys Group PLC was acquired by Bally’s, Fenton will be also leaving the corporation’s Board of Directors.  

Bally’s outgoing CEO thanked board director Soo Kim along with the rest of the board’s members for his time spent there and the good work put into easing Robeson’s transition to his new position. 

He also described Bally’s as being an “extraordinary business with extraordinary people” while thanking everyone for their support and commitment to the growth of the business. 

Fenton and Robeson have spent 14 years working together, making the transition even more “special”. Fenton spoke about Robeson’s unique talent, explaining that it was the right time for him to be leading Bally’s.

Chairman Kim also took the time to thank Fenton “for his excellent leadership and valuable contributions to Bally’s.” Kim also spoke about Lee’s contribution to the “effective integration of Gamesys” that left the corporation well-prepared for the future. 

The chairman also spoke about Fenton’s contribution to determining the purpose and values of the currently integrated group, while wishing him all the best in his upcoming endeavors.

Reeves, “Honored” and “Grateful”

Speaking about his new appointment, Reeves said that he was honored and grateful to be chosen to lead Bally’s and for receiving his fellow Board members’ support and trust. 

Reeves, who described Bally’s as a company with a robust core and an amazing set of opportunities, expressed his eagerness to start working “hard” with his new executive team to optimize their growth.

Reeves was appointed president of the interactive division on October 1, 2021. Before that, he was Gamesys’ chief operating officer since July 2015. 

He originally joined Gamesys in September 2005 and held a series of important positions there, including director of gaming operations since May 2010 and member of Gamesys’s board of directors since August 2010. 

Ever since he joined Gamesys, Reeves worked on bringing together player and product experiences with marketing and business key performance indicators as a means of guaranteeing sustainable growth. 

Reeves graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Operations Research, and Management Studies from University College in London.

Last August, Bally’s donated $600,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming. 

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