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Baccarat Winner in Singapore Casino Dies of Too Much Excitement

A man who won a considerable jackpot at a game of baccarat at Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore allegedly passed away as he was overwhelmed by his windfall

A shocking incident allegedly took place at Asia’s most spectacular entertainment destination, Marina Bay Sands Casino

According to a video circulating online via X, a man who reportedly won a considerable jackpot suffered a cardiac arrest that was allegedly triggered by the excitement that the windfall brought to him.

Alleged Huge Baccarat Win 

Several small news outlets reported the man passed away right after he realized that he had won a whopping four million Singapore Dollars

The Daily Star has however suggested the unnamed man scooped up £300,000 ($380,000). For the time being, no reputable titles in Singapore have picked up on the story. 

Footage from the video showed the man lying on the ground beside a baccarat table in what appears to be the casino located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, as several people circled him.

One woman, who allegedly witnessed the scene, is heard screaming as the staff, purportedly from the iconic waterside complex that counts more than 2,500 hotel rooms and suites, looked at the collapsed man lying on the floor.

The same staff and an emergency medical service team that was called at the location reportedly responded to the scene in the shortest time possible. 

However, despite their hard efforts, they were not successful at reviving the man who was eventually pronounced dead at the casino. 

The cause of death was attributed to a cardiac arrest that was allegedly triggered by his extreme excitement at the news of the big baccarat win. 

The 15,000-square-meter gaming space at Marina Bay Sands Casino spreads across four levels and hosts more than 2,300 slot machines, a versatile selection of electronic gaming machines, 500 gaming tables, and over 30 private gaming rooms

Singapore, at “Moderate” Risk to Be Exploited for Money Laundering

The incident comes in the context of the concerns regarding the potential risks tied to the casino gambling market in the Asian country, including money laundering risks connected to the cash transactions involving large amounts that take place at brick-and-mortar venues. 

According to a joint government report issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Law, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the country carries a “moderate risk” of being exploited for money laundering. 

The report said that while there is no direct evidence to prove the involvement of brick-and-mortar casinos in illegal activities, the venues have been labeled as businesses rich in cash that can be used to launder proceeds generated through criminal activities.

Moreover, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa are not considered highly attractive options for money laundering criminals compared with online casinos, since they do not have transnational reach and they do not accept cryptocurrencies

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