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Auto Dealer Fraudster Uses Money to Fuel Gambling Addiction

A man faces multiple charges of his alleged involvement in an auto dealership scam, money from which he spent on gambling

Gambling addiction and problem gambling can have a devastating impact on the lives of people, including their families and loved ones. Probably the worst-case scenario involves gamblers who decide to take their own life. This doesn’t mean that crimes related to gambling addiction are out of the picture.

To fuel their gambling, some addicts resort to different crimes, often related to embezzlement, robbery or fraud. And this is the case of a 51-year-old allegedly involved in a scam in Mami Lakes, Florida.

Earlier this week, NBC Miami revealed details regarding a man that is now facing charges in court over defrauding elderly people in a new type of scam. The alleged fraudster, Carlos Ravelo, reportedly faces 11 counts related to fraud and theft.

Allegedly, the 51-year-old man orchestrated a scam that involved the selling of cars for a lower price. The money from the illicit activity, Ravelo admitted, was all spent on gambling. The man reportedly was addicted to gambling and this helped push him into the fraudulent activity.

Defrauding the Elderly

Upon investigation, authorities claimed that Ravelo exploited his position as a finance manager while being a part of a local business called AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes. The man allegedly defrauded clients by promising them to receive better prices for cars if they paid in cash.

From the alleged dealership scam, the man was able to accumulate more than $50,000 in proceeds. It is believed that the man had more than ten victims, most of which, were elderly. The presiding judge overseeing Ravelo’s case explained: “What even makes this more sad is that I guess a lot of these people are elderly, and I guess the elderly people knew his mother, and that’s why they went to go do business with him.”

An investigation into the fraudulent activity started in January. Back then, one of Ravelo’s alleged victims filed a report. The victim, identified as “Jamie” claimed Ravelo stole $10,000 from them. The 51-year-old’s bail is set at $45,000. However, in order to make bail, the man needs to first prove the source of his funds.


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