Authentic Gaming Introduces Betway-Exclusive Cricket Live Roulette

Betway and Authentic Gaming have created the first Cricket Live Roulette experience to cater to the millions of people around the world interested in the Indian Premier League.

Authentic Gaming Launches Dedicated Cricket Live Roulette

Launching just on time for the Indian Premier League, Authentic Gaming is back with a brand-new Cricket Live Roulette developed exclusively for Betway. The roll-out coincides with the big sporting event that will once again drive synergies between the different verticals of the iGaming experience.

Cricket Live Roulette is a dedicated environment table where Betway players can enjoy what is the first cricket-themed live casino game to ever hit the gaming shelves. Authentic Gaming has factored in the target audience and made sure to go the extra mile in creating an engaging product that draws on the best practice of iGaming while resonating with sports fans.

The table is set against a backdrop of a live scoreboard so that players can keep up to date with the Indian Premier League scores, as well as tap into other cricket leagues and tournaments, bringing a comprehensive experience.

Playing roulette at Betway will now allow players to always be up to date with the latest result in their favorite cricket competitions. Naturally, the game is developed following the best HTML5 practices, making it accessible to tablets and smartphones.

Authentic Gaming is not going to let this game be a one-off event and already plans on introducing enhancements to keep the project fresh and fans engaged in the coming months, and years. 

Betway Welcomes Authentic Gaming Expertise in Bespoke Gaming

Betway is excited at the opportunity to be able to tap into a sports audience and introduce them to the casino as well as the dedicated sportsbook the operator runs.

Authentic Gaming chief commercial officer Magdalena Podhorska had this to add “We are dedicated to deepening our relationships with our operator partners, and our operator exclusive live environments are a great way of doing this.”

The project, Podhorska explained, was the result of a joint effort with Betway’s team which led to the creation of dedicated environments that meet the operator’s expectations for a quality product.

Podhorska noted that the Indian Premier League is followed by millions of people around the world and the latest product is an opportunity to leverage that interest. Betway marketing and operations director Paul Adkins joined the conversation by adding: “We are committed to growing our live casino game portfolio with quality content, and Cricket Live Roulette demonstrates this perfectly.”

Adkins commended the Authentic Gaming team on understanding what Betway’s expectations from new products were and delivering on that. “The IPL has become one of the most popular sports tournaments in the world and we have a product that captures the fun and excitement it delivers, combined with the thrill of live roulette,” Adkins concluded.

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