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ATLAS IAC and RPM to Launch a No-Risk Sportsbook

ATLAS IAC, a sportsbook and PAM software provider has teamed up with RPM Gaming, a retail and online gambling specialist. The partnership will leverage the two parties’ expertise and will see the launch of an automated no-risk sportsbook.

A State-of-the-Art Sportsbook

ATLAS will use its tech expertise to incorporate the best machine-learning AI tools into the new product. In addition, it will power the new sportsbook with automated trading solutions and CRM tools. ATLAS will also provide flexible solutions that fit the needs of any operator. Meanwhile, RPM Gaming will contribute to the partnership with its sales and account management knowledge.

The new sportsbook will be equipped with a player account management platform that helps operators improve customer retention and prevent gambling harm. Furthermore, ATLAS and RPM will work together to implement centralized control systems that help operators remain compliant with the gambling rules in the markets where they operate.

In addition, ATLAS will introduce its proprietary pricing models to the sportsbooks. Customers will remain updated on the latest developments in sports thanks to the company’s odds. Punters will be able to place a bet up to the last second of a sports match.  

ATLAS and RPM also announced that trading risk would be brought to a minimum and that the new sportsbook will be suitable for any market. Operators can integrate the new sportsbook as an iFrame on a non-risk structure.

ATLAS-IAC and RPM Gaming Are Looking Forward to iGB Live!

Sergei Efimenko, the chief executive of ATLAS IAC, commented on the new deal. He lauded RPM Gaming as a seasoned professional in gaming and praised its team’s expertise. Because of that, Efimenko and his team are glad to work together with RPM Gaming, the CEO said.

Efimenko said that this year’s edition of iGB Live! will be a great opportunity to showcase the new product, as well as the company’s entire portfolio of betting products and trading tools. He shared that he believes automation of all the operational processes is the future of iGaming.

You don’t need rows of staff to run a strong and successful business. Instead, you need flexible, fully scalable software with maximum automation that will enable our elite, skilled team to set up and control all your processes. We believe the greatest risk to any betting business is to stay with a non-performing technology, and most operators will soon come to see this clearly.

Sergei Efimenko, CEO, ATLAS IAC

Richard Thorp, director of RPM Gaming, also spoke on the partnership. He shared his excitement about working with the “genuine geniuses” working for ATLAS. Thorp added that he hopes for a long and fruitful partnership with the provider.  

ATLAS IAC and RPM now provide brands with everything needed to run a responsible sports betting and gaming business, complete with full reporting, social responsibility tools, bonusing tools, segmentation, payments and data analytics. And with “no-risk” trading available for any would-be partners uncertain about taking the leap, our unique underwriting seal of approval sets us apart from the competition in terms of trading capability and commitment to making all our partnerships work.

Richard Thorp, director, RPM Gaming

Thorp is also excited about iGB Live! and can’t wait to demonstrate what the two companies have done together.


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