March 1, 2023 3 min read


Atlantic City Cannabis Lounge Near Casinos Moves Forward

A new proposed cannabis dispensary and consumption lounge located near the Boardwalk, which is Atlantic City’s gambling hub, has been greenlighted to move forward

The approval by the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) effectively means that the lounge is now issued with the necessary permits to move forward and arrive in the touted Atlantic City Tourism District, provided the property clears matters with the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

New Jersey has also been trying to further diversify from its heavy reliance on casinos in the area, and build other properties of interest in their immediate vicinity. The Marina District, the Atlantic City Convention Center and Bader Field are all placed in this area of town.

Meanwhile, the upcoming property has been aptly named as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the gambling that is going on in the vicinity. The “High Rollers Dispensary” will stretch on 10,000 sq ft of retail business space and be based on the second floor of The Claridge, a hotel property that does not offer to gamble.

The location has been chosen so that it complies with rules that cannabis dispensaries do not end up on the Boardwalk but are still close enough to be visible, accessible, and of interest to determined visitors and pedestrians alike.

Rolling High with New Entertainment Options in New Jersey  

New Jersey is certainly looking to bank on the legalization of recreational marijuana and cannabis, which became a reality during a referendum back in 2020. Since the legalization, properties have been sprouting up to offer locals and tourists a puff of the stuff.

Atlantic City’s tourist zone, a place where footfall is incessant for the better part of the year, has naturally been a prime location to set up shops and tempt consumers into trying the now-legal substances. The CRDA has been very selective of the location, designating a special “Green Zone” where such properties may be introduced.

Of course, this will create new challenges for casinos, as gambling and drugs are not a good idea – and legally, they are a no-go. Inebriated customers are usually escorted out of a casino or barred from gambling lest they come to harm. Finding a customer that may be on a different stimulus is another challenging task and it would elevate the level of customer protection casinos would now need to offer.

But before the High Rollers Dispensary can take shape, a few final but important stamps of approval are required. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission is yet to give its go-ahead. However, everything points in the direction of the facility actually making the cut.


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