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ASX Sports Adds Fantasy Rugby Ahead of Six Nations

The blockchain-powered fantasy sports provider ASX Sports has expanded its portfolio by implementing rugby to its platform ahead of the Six Nations Championship. The new offering is made possible with the data partnership of Rugby Analytics.

ASX Sports Blesses Fans with Fantasy Rugby

The addition of rugby to ASX’s platform precedes the launch of the Six Nations Championship, beginning on February 5. The strategic move demonstrates that the company is bullish on expanding its business and benefiting from the exciting sports season.

The fantasy offering will follow the event’s developments and allow players to take their engagement to the next level by providing them with a way to participate in the tournament. The action will continue for five weeks and will provide players with 15 exciting games to follow. Paddy Power, the president of ASX Sports, spoke on the introduction of fantasy rugby:

 “The Six Nations is one of the most exciting international sporting events, enjoyed by a global audience. We are now offering fans even more engagement through our live, real-time fantasy games and second-screen experience.”

ASX president Paddy Power

Power hopes that the rugby launch will establish ASX on the fantasy market and provide it with the needed momentum to keep expanding its fantasy offerings.

How to Play ASX’s Fantasy Rugby?

ASX Sports has also unveiled that it will be adding the so-called sportzcoins to its platform. Players who join ASX Sports’ platform for the start of the rugby season will receive 50 sportzcoins as a bonus. Regular fantasy players can win sportzcoins by playing fantasy and winning in contests. Players can spend their sportztokens to reserve access for ASX Sports’ upcoming NFT player drops and enter the fantasy operator’s premium contests.

To play, people need to first download the ASX Sports app available on both Android and iOS and register. Then, players should brace for the Initial Player Offering which will come 48 hours before the start of each Six Nations game and will determine the prices of rugby athletes. Depending on the athletes’ performance in the reach championship, their fantasy price will either rise or drop. 

Players will have $1,000 fantasy dollars before each game and can use them to purchase athletes. Depending on the performance of the athletes in a user’s portfolio, fantasy players can receive dividends.

Rugby has been an increasingly popular sport in both Europe and the United States. US fans can watch the competition on NBC Sports or its streaming alternative Peacock.  


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