Aristocrat Opens a New Helsinki Studio and Acquires Playsoft and Futureplay

Aristocrat Leisure Limited, the Australian slot games giant, is expanding its global presence and development with the recent purchase of two studios based in Europe, as well as with the establishment of one additional studio. The details on the deal were announced on Friday, and they state that the two added studios are Futureplay (Helsinki, Finland) and Playsoft (Gdańsk, Poland). Futureplay specializes in the casual market’s growth of the match/merge segment, while Playsoft is a mobile gaming provider that has a major focus in the social casino sphere.

Aristocrat’s Newly Opened Studio Will Be In Helsinki

The two new studios will be a solid addition to Aristocrat, a company that has already recorded significant growth in 2021. Playsoft has developed over 50 popular games over the last 13 years for third parties. This company will work in the Product Madness area, and it will help with the acceleration of its pipeline. Additionally, it will be tasked with delivering innovation while creating and enhancing Aristocrat’s influence in strategic locations in Europe.

As for the newly-opened studio, Aristocrat established it in Helsinki, giving it the name of Northern Stars. This studio will have a major focus on the casual genre, which is becoming vastly popular, but it will also help in expanding the game development capabilities of the company.

Aristocrat’s Digital CEO, Michael Lang, stated that these types of deals are consistent with the strategy that the company has. That strategy is bringing top-quality talent in the game development sector, as well as the capability to expand the game pipeline while sustaining the momentum in its growth.

Futureplay and Playsoft are More Than Welcome At Aristocrat

While speaking on the deal, Lang also added that the two newly acquired companies – Futureplay and Playsoft – and Northern Stars have an impressive record when it comes to game development, innovation, and creativity, which is why Aristocrat is thrilled to have them on board. Lang also stated that Aristocrat is more than happy to help its colleagues reach their peak by using the investment and marketing capabilities, as well as the global scale and ambitious strategy of Aristocrat.

Additionally, the company will be dedicated and will continue to pursue studios and talents from all around the world and all candidates that can speed up Aristocrat’s growth strategy and the sustained focus in attracting organic growth will be considered. Lang concluded that, overall, all studios that will help Aristocrat reach above-market results can become a part of the family. In doing so, their qualities will be used to their full potential, and each studio will have a chance to showcase its workmanship.

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