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AretoNet Deploys Full Suite of Products for Kenyan ChesaCash

Provider of full player lifecycle analytics and marketing automation for the iGaming industry AretoNet is entering the Kenyan market after a partnership with popular online sportsbook ChesaCash.

Full Suite of Products and Services

Malta-based real-time business intelligence services supplier AretoNet announced today it entered into a deal with ChesaCash to provide the Kenyan online sports betting operator with its full suite of products, including artificial intelligence, acquisition tracking, instant campaigns and alternative messaging channel.

Operating from the European online gambling hub, the AretoNet platform allows gambling operators across Europe and the US to implement marketing campaign automation with full lifecycle analytics by analyzing their player databases.

Leveraging real-time data provided by the platform, AretoNet’s B2B partners can make accurate decisions, launch marketing campaigns and receive invaluable feedback about their effectiveness to provide them with cost-cutting opportunities.

“ChezaCash is already benefitting from the incredible insights that AretoNet platform and tools provide, and allow us as an operator [to] better identify trends in marketing activity and to make real-time changes in order to ensure the highest levels of engagement and the best ROI.”

Garret Akinyi, Director, ChezaCash

Sportsbook Looking into Other Verticals

Operating across the whole spectrum of iGaming verticals, sportsbooks, virtual sports, online casinos, and others, ChesaCash is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Kenya that is slated to launch operations across other verticals in Kenya within the next few months.

The partnership that will allow ChesaCash to leverage multi-channel, multi-level marketing campaigns to acquire, retain and re-acquire players based on unified data marked a debut for AretoNet in Kenya.

“We are thrilled to have launched with our first operator partner in Kenya. ChezaCash has taken our full suite of products and, what’s more, we were able to complete the integration into their platform in just three weeks.”

Justin Farrugia, Co-Founder, AretoNet

For the past 2 years, AretoNet focused on gambling operators in Europe, Africa, the US, and Latin America, seeking to support their customer acquisition and retention efforts by offering them a data-based solution for analysis and segmentation of player data, as well as an actionable tool to utilize insights– all within a single platform.

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