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Apple to Change Social Gambling Apps Rating to 17+

  • Apple to rate all social gambling apps 17+
  • The move follows other similar measures to restrict underage gambling
  • Apple prepares to enter a number of Asian markets with this move

Apple intends to restrict the access to social gambling apps by underage individuals. This is part of the company’s expansion strategy.

More Anti-gambling Measures by Apple

Apple continues its anti-gambling stance by making sure that social gaming apps that offer any sort of betting product remain restricted to individuals under the age of 17. All apps that are part of the Apple’s App Store must comply with the rules or they will be removed.

The news was first reported by tech editions. Apple reportedly notified app developers that apps which habitually simulate gambling environments would need to introduce a 17+ rating. These measures are reportedly already in force.

Based on sources, the measures are necessary because of Apple’s attempts to bolster expansion in South Korea. The government has ordered the company to limit the access of explicit and gambling-related content to users. This also includes “realistic violence” apps, which are illegal in South Korea until 19.

Apple’s Gambling Restrictions

Apple hasn’t introduced severe restrictions for people who love to gamble using their iOS and Mac devices. In a word, the company is becoming more serious about not being associated with the industry. For starters, the Apple credit card issued recently is not going to be used for any gambling related services. This measure applies even in places like the United Kingdom, where ApplePay is available at licensed betting firms.

Meanwhile, no HTML5 casino games will appear on the the Apple Store. As stated previously, only native apps could be part of the offer. The government will enforce the measure on September3, 2019.

In anticipation of the upcoming changes Bet365 has decided to take out all casino games from its sports betting app. This firm remains one of the largest on the British market..

Making the Internet Safer for Children

If there are any gambling restrictions introduced by Apple it’s for the sole purpose to restrict the use of such software by underage individuals. There has been some controversy insofar as the use of such gambling-friendly products go.

For instance, the Netherlands and Belgium have suspended loot boxes. Epic Games and Psyonix have vowed to announce the drop rate for each item in the box. Another pondered measure is the complete removal of loot boxes from the game. Epic Games recently acquired Psyonix.

Another controversy emerged when popular video game, Grand Theft Auto, introduced an entire real-money casino, giving underage individuals another access point to gambling products. Meanwhile, a newly-published survey by the University of Bristol and Demos has established a high incidence of youngsters engaging with esports gambling content. Based on the study, 45% of all children under the age of 16 were actively engaging with esports gambling content on twitter.


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