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ANJ Rejects Six Licensees’ Safer Gambling Plans

In February this year, the ANJ highlighted the importance of stopping gambling products that exacerbate harm and/or appeal to young people

L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) is unhappy with some of the action plans to reduce problem gambling presented by some of its licensees. The French regulator has examined hundreds of plans and has decided to reject six of them.

French law dictates that all operators should submit action plans, in which they outline their AML, CTF and safer gambling plans. As a result, the ANJ went through the action plans of 235 racetracks, 203 casinos and 7 gaming clubs.

However, the plans presented by five casinos and a single gaming club were not up to standards, the regulator noticed, eventually rejecting the plans. The plans in question, the French authority said, did little to prevent problem gambling. However, the ANJ wasn’t exactly thrilled with most of the other plans either.

The ANJ Believes Operators Can Do Better

The current news follows the requirements the French regulator set in 2022. The ANJ asked all casinos to be more diligent when it comes to protecting their customers and improving their safer gambling protocols.

In February this year, the ANJ highlighted the importance of stopping gambling products that exacerbate harm and/or appeal to young people.

The authority expected its licensees to introduce significant improvements to their agendas, making sure to improve their monitoring tools, provide better safer gambling education to their staff and improve their plans for tackling the issue.

Following the rejection of the six plans, the ANJ addressed the matter. While the majority of the presented plans were approved, the regulator regretted that the larger part of them do little to introduce new improvements and innovations to the sector.

For example, the National Federation of Horse Racing, a body that encompasses 235 racing companies and 10 local federations, adopted no new measures to shield its customers from harm.

Licensees’ AML Practices Are Improving

Luckily, while the licensees’ action plans when it comes to problem gambling have failed to please the ANJ, operators’ action plans concerning the prevention of money laundering have been adequate.

In April, the regulator noted that its licensees’ AML plans are adequate and demonstrate noticeable progress. While some operators’ efforts continue to be lacking, the ANJ was happy to see advancements being made. It praised the companies that have followed its proposals and said that the majority of companies’ compliance efforts are improving.

The ANJ will soon publish a guide for operators in which it will provide advice on spotting problem gamblers and helping them get their habits under control.


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