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Analytics Firm Alloy Sports Launches with Aplomb

Burgeoning sports betting research platform Alloy Sports enters the sports betting world with its transparent, user-friendly, and fan-centric approach. The Baltimore-based company managed to attract Orioles Hall of Fame star Mike Bordick and hopes to improve its reach and brand recognition.

Alloy’s App Promises Transparency and Ease of Use

Alloy Sports claims to work for ordinary bettors, helping them secure better odds when engaging with sportsbooks. According to Alloy co-founder Brad Kronthal, the company’s new tool can allow users to effortlessly develop and test complicated betting strategies, giving them a much-needed edge.

It’s really just stats and numbers. We build the tool where you can come in, in 30 seconds or less, and build a winning formula.

Brad Kronthal, Alloy Sports co-founder

Users can access Alloy’s app via the company’s website. It boasts extensive user control, transparency, and ease of use. The official page claims that viable solutions previously taking multiple hours to create can be generated in under a minute. 

As of the writing of this article, bettors can only access NFL data, but according to developers, the platform will soon expand into basketball as well. Alloy’s solution is subscription-based, but first-time users can test it for free with a 30-day trial.

Mike Bordick Is a Valuable Addition to the Team

To help boost the new app’s popularity, the Alloy team brought in baseball Hall of Fame legend Mike Bordick who made his career with the Baltimore Orioles. The star player is well-familiar with the importance of statistics and probability optimization. He will offer valuable insight into the new business, and his presence on the team should boost Alloy’s brand.

According to Kronthal, Bordick’s inclusion was already paying dividends thanks to the sports veteran’s analytical mind and relevant background. The Orioles star also had positive remarks regarding his new position and the Alloy app.

You can adjust your algorithms, you can, kind of, play with it – like I said, gamify it.

Mike Bordick, Baltimore Orioles Hall of Famer

Bordick also added that the app could quickly and easily help bettors boost their odds and potential winnings and allowed the ability to fine-tune a strategy according to each player’s individual preference.

The Company Enters a Highly Competitive Space

The Alloy website already boasts expanded features like news, tips, and sports betting education page. An impressive feat, considering their team numbers only nine people. The company also has an active social media presence, so it has all the basics covered. 

Despite the competent start, Alloy will have to fight an uphill battle to make a breakthrough in the analytics space. Similar services already exist on the market, so the Boston-based developers will need to expand their sports portfolio and attract users with unique features.

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