March 1, 2023 3 min read


AmericanGambling Launches New Site Geared Towards Responsible Gambling

AmericanGambling released a new website aimed at helping gamblers explore online gaming in a responsible, safe, and legal way

The website is targeting both new and experienced players who are passionate about gambling. AmericanGambling’s new platform will provide information to people throughout the US, covering topics ranging from US gambling laws and advise on responsible gambling to reviews of various licensed platforms and casino payment systems. The goal is to help players make wiser decisions by being better informed about gambling activities throughout the US.

The company said that trusted professionals will be available on the website providing detailed expertise on various gambling-related topics. Readers will be able to access information exclusively regarding fully licensed brands, and the company itself also operates under official licenses, according to its press release.

Furthermore, AmericanGambling has affiliates licensed in Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, and New Jersey. However, this doesn’t mean that players will only be able to access information vetted by regulators only in these states. The company promised up-to-date and accurate information for gambling throughout the entire country.

The current map with available information regarding the US online gambling market covers online casinos in the following states: New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. The selection of available states where online gambling and/or casino activities are already legal will be updated, as the company is continuously monitoring developments.

Important Topics as Gambling Grows Globally

As the gaming industry keeps growing and innovating, information is becoming increasingly integral to its sustainability. Topics such as the legal gambling activities in different states, trusted news stories about the industry, as well as unbiased reviews of platforms and games are not covered in AmericanGambling’s website by accident.

These topics are not only getting increasingly expansive but as the list of states that offers different forms of gambling grows, so does the need to stay in the loop with reliable information. As it currently stands, sports betting is live and legal at least in some form in 33 states plus DC. Three more states are not yet operational but are legal as well – Maine, Nebraska, and Florida.

Further, nine states have active legislation or ballot initiatives, thus leaving only five states that have no legislation whatsoever: Idaho, Utah, California, Alabama, and Alaska. This means that it won’t be long until almost all states have some form of online gambling legalized. As the number of states grows, so does the number of players, though.

This also raises the question of safety and the importance of responsible gambling. As the industry keeps picking up speed not only in the US but globally, countries are finding it difficult to catch up with some aspects of this rapid progress. An example is the UK, with its delayed reforms of outdated gambling rules causing distress to both the player base, as well as the industry.


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