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Alleged Chinese Mafia Leaders Extradited from Myanmar

A new report reveals that Myanmar returned three alleged triad leaders to China via a chartered flight earlier this week

In November, rebels in Myanmar fighting against the country’s dictatorial leadership attacked and took over a border town near China, Laukkaing. The occupation of the lawless Shan State town resulted in operations against scam centers and casinos in the area.

As a result of the attack, local Chinese mafia members, who used to run the gambling establishments, were taken hostage. Additionally, the freedom fighters freed workers who were held there against their will. The trafficked workers, held as prisoners, were forced by the local mafia families to work in scam centers.

Now, as announced by BBC, a handful of mafia members, recognized as warlords, were handed over to Beijing. A total of 10 people, allegedly involved in illegal activities, including running scam centers and trafficking of Chinese nationals, were transported to China via a chartered flight.

Of that total, three were identified as Chinese warlords, who ruled Laukkaing. This list includes Bai Suocheng, Liu Zhengxiang and Wei Chaoren. The aforementioned individuals allegedly led three out of the four families that were in charge of the town which is located near the border with China and has become a massive hub for gambling and other illicit activities, including scams and violent crimes.

The Downfall of Laukkaing

The four mafia families ruled Laukkaing for years, turning the town from a poor area into a hub that attracted mainland China visitors, particularly with its casinos. Many mainland visitors were tempted to visit the town and gamble, an activity that is prohibited in China. However, some found themselves trapped by the mafia members who held them against their will, forcing them to work in the infamous scam facilities.

Besides gambling and scam operations, the region became infamous for other violent crimes as well as money laundering. Still, the rebels’ attack in November and the return of the three triad warlords to China marks a major change for Laukkaing.

Elsewhere in the region, police in Hong Kong confirmed the arrest of 347 individuals following a three-day operation. The raids targeted entertainment venues and illegal establishments, allegedly related to triads. The detainees are suspected of engaging in a number of unlawful activities, including sex trafficking, gambling and drugs.


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