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Allegations of Child Gambling Prompt Class Action Lawsuit Against Roblox

The lawsuit claims that young individuals obtained unauthorized entry to funds on gambling platforms while utilizing the Roblox application

Roblox, the rapidly expanding virtual gaming platform, is facing a class-action lawsuit in the Northern California District Court over allegations that it facilitates child gambling. The lawsuit contends that the company has failed to implement adequate measures to prevent children from accessing external gambling sites through its application.

Roblox, known for creating a virtual universe, has become one of the leading gaming platforms globally. The legal action asserts that some youngsters gained unauthorized access to funds on gambling platforms while using the Roblox application. 

Despite the platform’s community standards explicitly prohibiting gambling activities, the lawsuit claims that Roblox permits third-party gambling websites to operate through its interface, allowing users to place bets using Robux, as reported by KTVU.

Natalia Garcia from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that provides information and education about various media, has expressed concerns, mentioning that it is not a new problem, unfortunately. She remarked that over the years, there have been numerous concerns regarding the over-commercialization of platforms like Roblox.

The alleged process involves users purchasing Robux, the in-game currency, before venturing into external virtual casinos. Connecting their Robux wallet to the gambling site enables users to convert their Robux credits into the site’s currency. Attorneys argue that, when users incur losses, Roblox imposes a 30% fee on the gambling site for converting credits into cash.

Psychiatrist and Advocacy Group Urge Roblox to Take Responsibility for User Safety

Legal representatives argue that Roblox, given its meticulous tracking of every Robux exchange on its platform, should be aware of users engaging in gambling activities. 

Medical experts have also raised concerns about the safety implications of metaverses like Roblox, emphasizing their addictive nature and potential harm.

Dr. Anna Lembke, a Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford, highlights the addictive nature of digital devices and the potential harm of gambling, especially for developing brains. Lembke emphasizes the responsibility of corporations to establish boundaries and safeguards, contending that strict parental supervision alone is not sufficient.

Common Sense Media recommends restricting Roblox access to children over the age of 13 and urges parents to exercise close supervision. 

Dr. Lembke has voiced support for this position, asserting that she does not believe it is fair to place the entire responsibility on parents. She believes that the corporations responsible for creating virtual spaces for children should establish boundaries and guardrails.


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