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Alabama Democrats to Try to Expand the State’s Gambling Industry

Daniels hopes to reach a productive agreement between his fellow Democrats and the Republicans

Alabama’s gambling industry has been lagging behind those of other states because of the Yellowhammer State’s fairly restrictive policies. The Alabama Democrats are looking to change that, hoping to make strides in 2024.

The Democrats are considering the introduction of a number of pro-gambling policies that would expand the state’s entertainment industry. Set to be introduced during the 2024 legislative session, the measures seek to tap into Alabama’s potential for gambling.

However, Alabama’s Republican-dominated government may prove difficult to convince. Republicans currently occupy both chambers of the Capital, holding 77 of 105 seats in the House of Representatives and 27 of 34 seats in the Senate.

If the Democrats wish to expand Alabama’s undeveloped gambling industry, they would need to strike an agreement with the Republicans.

Daniels Hopes to Reach an Agreement with the Republicans

According to the local news outlet WSFA, one of the biggest proponents of a gambling expansion is Minority Leader Anthony Daniels who believes that being pro-gambling is being pro-Alabama. He is convinced that growing the state’s gambling industry would provide significant economic boons, bolstering the economy.

Because of that, Daniels hopes to reach a productive agreement between his fellow Democrats and the Republicans.

Daniels’ plan is to introduce casino gaming, sports betting and lotteries to Alabama, helping it catch up with other states where gambling is legal.

We’re going to talk about proceed revenue sharing, folks from Tennessee, folks from Georgia, vendors that deal with the lottery, so that our members will be able to get a full picture.

Anthony Daniels

For reference, Alabama currently lacks a state lottery. Last year’s legislative season saw the introduction of a lottery proposal that failed to gain sufficient traction. Alabama also sports three tribal casinos but doesn’t offer commercial gambling currently.

While previous efforts to legalize other forms of gambling in Alabama have failed, the Democrats remain bullish on expanding the state’s industry and capitalizing on the growth of gambling in the USA.

In any case, the expansion of gambling in Alabama is likely going to be an uphill battle with millions of dollars in tax money lot on the line.


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  • Gary Guymon
    October 18, 2023 at 7:10 pm

    It’s time to support lottery and all gambling, including the machines that are in bars and private clubs. Way too much money is going to other states. It’s time we joined the rest of the bulk of the other states, and keep the money here in Alabama.

  • Jackie Bentley
    October 19, 2023 at 3:35 am

    It is time for the legislature to wake up and start working for the people instead of sitting by while Alabama dollars go to neighboring states lotteries. Please open your eyes and look what is going out of this state that needs to stay here.

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