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AGA Partners with Gaming Society to Promote Responsible Sports Betting

American Gaming Association (AGA) has added the brand-new betting platform Gaming Society to its over 30 partners, which are helping the Association promote and enhance the impact of its responsible gaming campaign called Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.

Gaming Society Joins 30 Other AGA Have a Game Plan Partners

Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly is an AGA initiative, which has brought together more than 30 stakeholders from the gambling industry, which are trying to educate players on how to wager responsibly.

Cait DeBaun, who is Vice President, of Strategic Communications & Responsibility Gaming Society at AGA, has welcomed Gaming Society to the Have a Game Plan family: “Gaming Society understands that player education is core to the future growth of legal sports betting. We’re excited to welcome them as a Have A Game Plan partner and authentically spread responsible gaming messages to new and experienced players alike.

Gaming Society is a key partner as it targets audiences that are usually not catered to in the gaming sector as the company is striving to make sports wagering accessible and welcoming to all people.

Gaming Society co-founder and former NBA star Kevin Garnett has expressed his excitement for the new partnership with AGA.

Garnett highlighted that the Gaming Society is aiming to offer education to any kind of bettor regardless if they have extensive experience or are just starting their sports wagering journey.

Garnett also stressed the importance of promoting responsible sports betting as the industry is growing very fast.

Gaming Society Will Produce Responsible Gaming Content Regularly

In its new role as AGA partner, Gaming Society will provide sports wagering education with the help of engaging storytelling, which will be targeted precisely at those underrepresented audiences.

The Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly campaign content from Gaming Society will also focus on the fun and social side of sports betting

As the first initiative of the new partnership, Gaming Society has created a public service announcement, in which co-founder and former NBA star Kevin Garnett talks about and highlights the significance of responsible sports betting for an enjoyable gaming experience.

A good example of Gaming Society content is their NFL game, which is free and accessible to all. It allows bettors to learn the ropes of betting in a safe setting that does not pose any risks and also offers prizes to players.

Under the agreement with AGA, Gaming Society is going to produce content on a regular basis, which will be disseminated through its key channels – newsletter, social media profiles, and its gaming platform.

In addition, Gaming Society will popularize the Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly campaign through various materials and tools, which will be available to its customers on the company website.


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