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AGA Opposes Gambling Advertising Ban Proposed by New York Congressman

American Gaming Association (AGA) issued a statement opposing the bill to ban gambling advertising proposed last week by a New York Congressman

On behalf of the American Gaming Association (AGA), senior vice president Chris Cylke recently issued a statement on the proposed Betting on our Future Act, which was submitted by Rep. Paul D. Tonko. The Act seeks to ban or limit casino gaming advertising, including legal sports betting. 

Limiting Advertising will Drive Gamblers to Illegal Operators

Chris Cylke expressed AGA’s strong opposition to any legislation that would have such an extensive effect on gambling advertising, arguing that it would ultimately hurt consumers and communities by reducing awareness of legal options and driving more people to offshore operators.

The statement involves two main points. First, it is maintained that such legislation would be a violation of free speech protections and would undermine the expertise of the more than 5,000 state and tribal gaming regulators across the country. 

AGA believes that the legal gaming industry has a responsibility to promote responsible gaming and that advertising plays an important role in that effort. AGA has been at the forefront of promoting responsible gaming with various initiatives such as the establishment of the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering, which mandates responsible gaming messages and imposes restrictions on target audiences, outlets, and content.

Second, AGA highlights that the focus of Congress should be on combatting the offshore illegal market, which lacks responsible gaming measures, age verification, and problem gambling resources. It is suggested that any effort to reduce advertising for legal gaming options would only benefit illegal offshore operators and ultimately harm consumers and communities.

Despite AGA’s opposition to the proposed legislation, it appreciates Rep. Tonko’s interest in the issue and remains committed to working with legislators to promote a sustainable legal marketplace that puts consumer protections first.

Tonko’s Bill Proposition Draws Inspiration from Tobacco Regulations

The Betting on our Future Act, a federal bill proposed by Representative Paul D. Tonko, aims to regulate the advertising of sports betting on electronic media platforms across the United States. The proposed legislation takes its inspiration from the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, which banned tobacco advertisements.

The bill seeks to protect vulnerable individuals, especially young adults, who may not fully understand the risks involved in gambling and proposes to prohibit the advertising of sportsbooks on any medium of electronic communication.

While there have been ongoing efforts to restrict sportsbook advertising at the state level, Tonko’s bill is a federal piece of legislation that seeks to regulate the industry on a national scale. Tonko urged Congress to regulate sports betting due to excessive promotion during events like Super Bowl, as it puts families at risk. 

Sports betting has rapidly grown since the 2018 Supreme Court decision, with at least 36 states legalizing it in some form, and Americans wagered $73 billion on sports in the first 10 months of 2022, a 70% year-on-year increase as per an AGA report.


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