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AGA CEO Expects Asian Market Growth Due to High Interest in Life Experiences

The president and chief executive officer of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller, has expressed his views on Asia’s gaming jurisdictions, foreseeing they will preserve their growth momentum due to customers’ thirst for “life experiences”

Bill Miller, the president and chief executive officer of the premier national trade group for the US casino industry, the American Gaming Association, has expressed his views on the future of gaming jurisdictions in Asia

Miller said he expects these jurisdictions to hold on to their strong growth momentum in the years to come, stimulated by the newly manifested thirst for “life experiences” shown by customers. 

Similarities Between Asia and the US 

After delivering the Keynote Address on the opening day of Global Gaming Expo Asia, the gambling industry trade show presented by the AGA, Miller participated in a fireside chat with Inside Asian Gaming’s vice chairman and chief executive officer Andrew W Scott.

Scott is also G2E Asia’s conference chair.

When asked in regards to his view on Asia’s recovery and growth compared to the excellent recovery cycle experienced by the gaming jurisdictions in the US, Miller said he noticed a similar thirst for experiences across the Asian continent.

Following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US gaming market managed to reopen at a considerably faster pace compared to the majority of gaming jurisdictions in Asia. 

The AGA CEO said he considers “there will be, and already is, tremendous momentum” in Asia, adding the momentum “will be sustained.”

Diving deeper into the topic, Miller drew a parallel between the tragic “loss of life during the pandemic” and the “loss of life experience” which he described as a loss of things people “took for granted.”

The CEO thinks “people have a slightly different outlook on life now,” considering experiences to be more important than other things

This, Miller thinks, is one of the main things that happened in the US, where “people really value the experiences that we bring, whether it’s the casino floor or the entertainment element or restaurants or shows.”

After the shutdowns and the restrictive lifestyle they endured, people’s expectations to enjoy more life experiences contributed to a spiking demand for gambling upon opening.

According to Miller, the gaming industry in the US, which hosts over 1,000 brick-and-mortar casinos, has proven tremendous growth post-COVID while also settling into a new norm.

“People have a slightly different attitude around experiences,” he said, “and that benefits our industry, whether it be the US, Asia, or anywhere else.”

In April, an investor note released by Bank of America Global Research spoke about the US gambling industry being on an ascent, despite minor fluctuations. 

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