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Addict Gambles Away Investor Money, Says Husband Forced Her To

Kamran Pahlavi was outraged by Sara King’s recent claims that he had forced her to gamble and said that this does not make any sense

A month ago, Los Angeles lawyer Sara King made headlines after using a $10 million business investment to live in luxury. Now, amid an ongoing lawsuit, King claims that her husband, the Iranian royal Kamran Pahlavi, forced her to waste the money, The Daily Beast reported.

Thanks to her relationship with Pahlavi, King was introduced to the Swiss banker Laurent Reiss. Reiss, though his LDR International company, provided King’s personal business, King Family Lending (KFL), with a $10.2 million investment.

KFL allowed customers to receive quick cash for collateral such as cars, jewelry and luxurious items.

However, King did not use the money to fund third-party loans, as originally agreed with Reiss. Instead, LDR International alleges, the woman used the money to move into the Wynn Las Vegas resort and live and gamble there for half a year.

As a result, LDR International launched a lawsuit against King. The prosecution claims that King had a gambling problem and would bet ludicrous amounts of money on slots in Vegas. Amid the ongoing lawsuit, King came forward with a new claim, saying that it was, in fact, Pehlavi who forced her to do all of this.

Pehlavi is the grandson of the Shah’s twin, Princess Ashraf. According to King and her defense, the Iranian royalty understood that his wife was good at slots and made her play. The woman’s attorneys allege that she loved her husband so much that she didn’t question him and kept on playing.
According to the defense, Pahlavi hoped that King, who allegedly called herself “the slots whisperer,” would earn money to cover a debt to LDR International.

“She Ruined My Life and Now This?”

Pahlavi was outraged by King’s claims. In an interview with The Daily Beast, he slammed his wife’s allegations and said that she was an addict. Pahlavi noted that forcing someone to gamble is a ludicrous idea and noted that he find it difficult to get his wife off the machines.

What kind of a person would push his wife to gamble with his best friend’s money? How does that make any sense?

Kamran Pahlavi

Pahlavi noted that King continued to play even when he wasn’t around.

The Iranian royal says that he has now moved to Morocco to escape from King. He has filed for divorce and hopes to cut his ties with his problem gambler wife.

“She betrayed me. Lied to me. Stole from me. Embarrassed me. Humiliated me. That’s not bad for a reason to break up,” Pahlavi told The Daily Beast in an earlier interview.


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