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Activision Files Lawsuit against CoD Cheat Developers

Notorious cheat developers CXCheats will discontinue the development of hacks for Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare after Activision has filed a lawsuit against the company.

Activision Stops Call of Duty Cheat Developers

Activision has launched a lawsuit against CXCheats, the most prominent community of developers who specialize in developing gameplay-breaking software for the Call of Duty franchise, among other games.

Specifically, CXCheats focuses on Modern Warfare and Warzone. Activision has decided to put a stop by filing an official lawsuit ordering the developers to suspend their work on hacks and other illicit software.

The cheat providers were making a pretty penny from selling wallhacks and aimbots to players. Both tools have been used rampantly in Call of Duty over the past months, prompting many players to cry foul of the number of hackers in the game.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the lawsuit – or the filed lawsuit at least – has been evident, with CXCheats saying they would suspend their operations immediately. The announcement read as follows:

“As a result of our lawsuit with Activision, we have agreed to cease development and support for all Call of Duty related products or services sold through the site. These products will not be returning to CXCheats in any form.”

Based on that statement, though, CXCheats most likely has plans to continue developing hacks for other products. Third-party tools are generally considered a bannable offense in games such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and even Valorant.

Cheaters Are Plaguing Regular Players in Call of Duty

The reason behind those strict restrictions is the high incidence of cheaters who are willing to purchase software giving them an unfair advantage to get ahead in the game. Even though CXCheats issued an apology, that apology seemed vapid as the team must have known that they would cause “pain to Call of Duty players.”

Outrage over cheating in Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare and Warzone has been at a historic high, and even Twitch streamers were caught red-handed as they cheated. Some players on PlayStation 4 even limited cross-platform play to avoid PC hackers, but Xbox One users haven’t been so lucky.

Of course, there are concerns that CXCheats may use backchannels to peddle their products, but Activision’s quick success shows the strength of the industry. However, one issue that remains present is how the company is going to deal with the hacks that are already out and available to players.

Activision will most likely have to patch the game a few more times to make sure that the hacks are weeded out to some extent.

Another thing to note is that Activision has not commented whether it would proceed with the lawsuit, but the company has legal basis to press on, gaming lawyers believe.

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  • F H
    November 19, 2020 at 4:20 am

    Spent hard earned money on my and my buddies game out in Cali so we could have some fun, and now it seems every other lobby is shit, cheaters are all over the place, get into one lobby and leave with a kdr thats respectable, get into the next and its spawn die, spawn die… This game has cost me 2 controllers, and a lot of high blood pressure, starting g to think that the COD Empire is just a bunch of over paid dip-shits that don’t know how to do their job…Its a simple rule… Dont try to do a job your not qualified to do…

  • Josh
    April 17, 2021 at 10:03 pm

    I would like to see a class action lawsuit for the damages to my emotional well being and the loss of a product(the game). As a game with out rules ceases to be a game and therefore loses its value. I would like to see every person who spent real money on these online games to receive restitution from hack developers.

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