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ACR Releases High Stakes Adventure: Vietnam Documentary

ACR says that high-stakes drama fans and poker enthusiasts can expect a captivating experience filled with many twists and turns

Americas Cardroom (ACR) has announced the release of a new documentary following the journey of several poker professionals who competed in the recent Triton Super High Roller Series in Vietnam. The documentary is called A $100,000 Journey to Becoming a Poker Champion and is a 60-minute film about the March event.

The film focuses on four ACR Team Pros and a Stormer who participated in the tournament in question. It also explores the exciting inaugural High Stakes Adventure event in the Asian country, capturing the atmosphere of the tournament.

Vietnam, which is known for its beautiful nature and rich culture, was the perfect location for hosting ACR’s first High Stakes Adventure, the company believes. In its documentary, ACR reveals reveal some of the most intense and exciting moments from the tournament.

ACR says that fans can expect a captivating experience filled with many twists and turns. High-stakes drama aficionados, poker enthusiasts and casual poker players are all sure to enjoy the documentary, the company believes.

Fans can watch the documentary for free on Americas Cardroom’s official YouTube channel:

ACR Is Excited to Provide a Detailed Recount of the Event

ACR Team Pro Chris Moneymaker commented on the release of the new documentary, saying that Vietnam was “the perfect setting” for the inaugural High Stakes Adventure. He said that the ACR team is shared to be able to share its experience through the new documentary and provide fans with a glimpse at what happened during the event.

Moneymaker used the opportunity to once again congratulate the tournament winner:

Although I wasn’t there in person, it was an honor to congratulate Mark on his life-changing win on FaceTime. It was great to share in the excitement, knowing how epic it is to have that first major score.

Chris Moneymaker, ACR Team Pro

Vietnam is one of many destinations Americas Cardroom has planned for future global events. The next High Stakes Adventure, for example, will send players to the Mediterranean for a thrilling poker tournament in Cyprus. This event is set to take place this month, with ACR promising to cover it with another documentary that will be released in the near future.

The release of the Vietnam documentary comes after ACR awarded $100,000 poker prize packages to seven players in February. The company reported that a bunch of ACR Team Pros, including Monika Zukowicz, Jeff Boski and Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet, as well as ACR Stormer Mark “Weazel” Rubbathan, also earned a package by competing.


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