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ACMA to Introduce New Self-Exclusion Register

One of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s seven priorities is establishing a self-exclusion register on a national level. Bettors who opt to self-exclude will receive protection from all exposure to gambling content.

The ACMA Will Help Bettors Self-Exclude

The telecoms authority has a total of seven compliance priorities for the 2022/2023 fiscal year. The self-exclusion register is particularly high on ACMA’s list as protecting customers is crucial amid rising gambling harm rates.

ACMA’s new self-exclusion register will include all forms of licensed online gambling and mobile betting services in Australia. Therefore, a player who chooses to self-exclude will receive a protection from all forms of licensed online gambling advertisements. In addition, legal operators will be prohibited from taking money from that player for as long as the latter’s self-exclusion lasts.

Bettors who choose to self-exclude will be able to freely pick the length of their exclusion. Exclusions can range from three months to permanently, depending on what players desire.

The ACMA hopes to launch the new self-exclusion register in early 2022/23. The regulator is yet to name an approximate release date.

The Authority Will Protect Excluded Players

Nerida O’Loughlin, the chairwoman of the ACMA, revealed more details about the regulator’s vision. She explained that the register will cater to the needs of those who struggle with their gambling habits. The new register will seek to complement existing consumer protection measures instead of replacing them.

Once you choose to self-exclude, it will be an offense for a licensed wagering provider to open an account for you, take a bet from you or to market gambling services to you. The ACMA will be enforcing those rules.

Nerida O’Loughlin, chair, ACMA

The Regulator Has a Lot to Do

The ACMA has other plans for the year. Its notable priorities include stopping the spread of misinformation and tackling the notorious identity theft phone scams. O’Loughlin noted that both problems have risen sharply in recent times. She teased that the ACMA will soon introduce new rules and force telcos to track and block phone scams. In addition, it will also combat misinformation and aim to establish a firmer hold on the digital space.

The regulator will use its authority to make the Australian market healthier and more welcoming to customers.

It was recently announced that Australia might find itself on FATF’s gray list in 2025. Because of that, it is crucial to regulate the Australian market and make it safer for users. It is also very important to tackle money laundering, which is an increasingly big concern in light of the recent inquiry into Star Entertainment Group’s business.


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