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ACMA May Decide to Regulate Social Casinos

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has set its sights on social casinos. The media regulator will examine their offerings and determine whether regulatory changes are needed.

Why Does the ACMA Want to Research Social Casinos?

Social casinos enjoy a lot of popularity in Australia. Their concept is usually fun and, as the name implies, socially oriented, which tends to attract tons of players. Social casinos usually offer casino-like free-to-play online games that customers can play through their phones. Thanks to this, such apps and websites are popular among casual players and seasoned gamblers alike.

Social casinos offer games that are free to play and, as a result, are not classified as a form of gambling. Since no money is being wagered, these offerings are usually considered to be harmless. However, there is a catch – social casinos typically include an optional paid element such as virtual tokens that players can use to enhance their gameplay.

While this isn’t an outlandish gaming concept, the ACMA is concerned that such content may trip social casino players down the path of gambling. The authority pointed out that such social games may serve as a gateway to gambling for many people and might need to be regulated.

ACMA May Push for a Ban If It Deems Social Gaming to Be Dangerous

Because of its concerns, the ACMA plans to use the following year to research the impact of social casinos and see if its theory is correct. Depending on the watchdog’s findings, it may decide to leave social casino games as they are or regulate them.

There is also a possibility that the ACMA may decide to ban social casino services. Two years ago, Andrew Wilkie, MP of Tasmania, became the first to propose a ban on social casinos. While the ACMA refrained from promoting such extreme measures, it acknowledged the need to research the social impact of social casinos.

The ACMA said that the research it has planned will help it comprehend the extent to which such offerings influence society. The regulator will prioritize the economic and social well-being of Australia and may propose a ban if it deems it to be the correct choice.

Each year the ACMA examines a range of issues across the Australian media and communications landscape to give a clearer picture on how current and future developments may impact its regulatory role.

ACMA statement

The ACMA will also research other novel concepts, such as the metaverse. Its upcoming initiatives are aimed to benefit the Australian economy.


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