July 14, 2022 3 min read


ACMA Announces New Tool to Help Fight Gambling Addiction

On July 14, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) announced new rules and regulations regarding the upcoming launch of BetStop, a register where gamblers can exclude themselves from all legal online and mobile phone betting services in Australia.

ACMA’s Requirements Regarding BetStop

Australia’s communications watchdog is strengthening its fight against gambling addiction with a new service targeted at people with betting issues. BetStop will be a free registry that is going to be available to all Australian residents by the end of 2022. Australians will have the opportunity to register themselves so that they can be banned from any betting services, including sports betting and horse race wagering,

Bookmakers have been informed about the new rules regarding the self-registration platform. They will be obliged to include information about BetStop on their websites, marketing materials, and mobile applications.

Under the new rules, betting providers shall have to actively check if any player is included on the register. If this is the case, the betting provider shall have to close the player’s account and not offer any gambling services to him or her. Additionally, betting agencies will not be allowed to send any marketing or promotional materials to any of their players that have registered on BetStop.

The Betting Industry Has a Few Months to Prepare

The chair of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Nerida O’Loughlin, has highlighted that the new tool is a means of supporting all Australians that would like to make a change in their gambling patterns. Regarding BetStop, she has said:

BetStop will help those at risk of gambling harm to take control of their situation, allowing them to block themselves from all licensed online and phone wagering services in a single process.

Chair chair of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Nerida O’Loughlin

Addressing stakeholders in the industry, O’Loughlin pointed out that BetStop is going to be launched in a few months and, therefore, it is now time for all providers to work on their internal systems and operational processes in order to facilitate the effectiveness of BetStop once it is available to players. She underlined the importance of protecting gambling customers from harm.

BetStop will offer a variety of periods for exclusion ranging from three months to forever. The platform will also offer the option for gamblers to register up to five people that can support them during the self-exclusion period.

For the time being, players that are experiencing issues with their wagering can contact their betting agencies directly and ask for a period of exclusion as they see fit.


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