A New Search Engine Specifically for the Gambling Industry Emerges

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If necessity is the mother of invention, Graphyte has hit the mark. The sports gambling innovation studio has developed what it believes is the world’s first “fit-for-purpose” search engine designed specifically for the betting and gaming markets. Anyone who has tried to research gambling and betting data using existing search engines knows how frustratingly difficult it is to weed through all the paid and fed links to get to the real information.

Smart Search For Smarter Searches

Smart Search is an artificial intelligence-powered search engine that emphasizes gambling-related information. Graphyte explains that it uses the company’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) solution to index multitudes of data pertaining to sports gambling and casinos, returning results that are fine-tuned to the gaming industry. Smart Search can reportedly return over 500,000 appropriate hits in under ten milliseconds.

Graphyte CEO Damien Evans asserts, “An effective search engine should be seen as standard for any digitally-focused operator, regardless of industry. It’s the quickest and most cost- effective way to add double-digit growth to retention rates and adds a dramatic improvement to user experience.” He adds, “Naturally, we’re super-excited about bringing this to the market, closing a major pain-point for so many operators with such a simple integration and so many compelling features, at a price-point that makes it a no-brainer.”

The Need For Speed

Smart Search was borne of the need to have more relevant returns made available in searches pertaining to the gaming industry. Graphyte explains that it developed the solution in response to frustrations it had heard from operators and other entities regarding the difficulty of using existing search engines to conduct tailored queries. Now, Smart Search users can search for complex terms associated with betting markets, promotions, sites and more, as well as sort through an extensive sports gambling and casino catalog, without having to be bothered by irrelevant or extraneous results that appear just because someone tossed in a relevant keyword.

The search engine can be used by operators to give their own customers better search capabilities, as well. This means, for example, that sports gamblers can target their bets better by analyzing more precise data related to a particular game or contest. They can also index real-time, pre-event and in-play markets, giving them greater control over their wagers. “Smart Search Performance is exceptional, with 10ms response times and the type of search features that can only come from a product developed with strong operator input into the design,” explains Evans.

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