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2020 NFL Draft Odds, Picks Time, Date, and Where to Watch

The 2020 NFL Draft is expected to be the most wagered-on drafting event in the history of sports. That is the result of a number of factors, but primarily the temporary suspension of all non-essential gatherings and sports betting markets. As such, the betting markets to wager on for the virtual NFL draft have been bursting at the seams with dozens of various prop markets.

Today, we will cover the 2020 NFL Draft odds, start dates and times, TV channels and how to watch live. The event had to originally take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL management has moved it online due to COVID-19.

All players will be at home during the virtual draft with the 58 top prospects tuning in with live cameras so that the audience can see their reactions when their names are announced.

When Does the 2020 NFL Draft Start?

  • Date: Thursday, April 23
  • Time: 8:00 – 11:30 p.m. ET

The NFL Draft 2020 starts today, Thursday, April 23, and runs through April 25. Drafting will take three days to decide most of the format for next season while the NFL is hoping to return on time for the 2020/2021 season.

The drafting will begin at 8:00 p.m. with NFL and EA Sport having crafted virtual 2020 draft moments to help circumnavigate the ban on non-essential gatherings and still hold what is generally considered the most important event in the pre-season.

Where Can You Watch the NFL Draft Live?

You can watch and live stream the 2020 NFL Draft live on either TV or over the Internet on any of specific networks, including ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network.

If you prefer to watch on the Internet, you can use Sling TV or YouTube TV or download the dedicated NFL Mobile app or WatchESPN app.

2020 NFL Draft Odds and Markets

There are multiple markets you can bet on during the 2020 NFL Draft. Most of them are prop or proposition bets, i.e. wagers you will place and win if the specific betting condition has been fulfilled. Here is a list of the latest odds and popular NFL Draft bets to wager on.

When Will Tua Tagovailoa Be Drafted?

5th Pick +130
3rd Pick +180
2nd Pick +1200
4th Pick +750
6th Pick +250
Field (any other pick) +150

Who Will Be the Second QB Drafted?

Tua Tagovailoa -200
Justin Herbert -110
Jordan Love +2500
Field +3500

Who Will Be the Third QB Drafted?

Justin Herbert -140
Tua Tagovailoa +120
Chase Young +1600
Isaiah Simmons +1100
Field +350

When Will Justin Herbert Be Drafted?

Over 5.5 Pick -135
Under 5.5 Pick -105

When Will Ceedee Lamb Be Drafted?

Over 15.5 Pick +150
Under 15.5 Pick -200

When Will Jeff Okudah Be Drafted?

Over 4.5 Pick -105
Under 4.5 Pick -135

Total Alabama Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 5.5 +130
Under 5.5 -170

Total Auburn Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 1.5 +250
Under 1.5 -400

Total Big 10 Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 5.5 -165
Under 5.5 +125

Total Big 12 Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 3.5 -120
Under 3.5 -120

Total Clemson Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 1.5 -500
Under 1.5 +350

Total Georgia Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 1.5 -155
Under 1.5 +115

Total LSU Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 5.5 +250
Under 5.5 -400

Total Ohio Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 2.5 +325
Under 2.5 -550

Total Pac 12 Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 2.5 +325
Under 2.5 -550

Total SEC Players Drafted in Round 1

Over 15.5 +165
Under 15.5 -240

Total QB’s Drafted in Round 1

Over 4 +140
Under 4 -180

Total WR’s Drafted in Round 1

Over 5.5 -155
Under 5.5 -115

What Position Will Mr. Irrelevant Play?

Offensive -120
Defensive -120

First Running Back Drafted

D Andre Swift -240
Jonathan Taylor +100
JK Dobbins +750
Field +600

The above markets sum up just part of the available picks for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. Most of these bets cut off at 7:00 p.m. ET when sportsbooks will stop accepting wagers.

All odds in this post are courtesy of MyBookie. You can bet on these or other available markets you will find once you visit the bookmaker. Alternatively, you can opt for a sportsbook you are already familiar with.


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