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1xBet Co-Founder Sergey Karshkov Passes Away After Medical Incident

The shocking incident was revealed by Pavel Muntyan, a producer at the Russian animation studio Toonbox, who expressed his disbelief and sorrow on Facebook

Tragic news has emerged from Switzerland as Russian businessman Sergey Karshkov has passed away at the age of 42 following a medical mishap. 

Founder of 1xBet Succumbs to Allergic Reaction during Swiss Medical Exam

Pavel Muntyan described Karshkov as one of the most athletic and healthy individuals he knew, comparing him to a bull. According to Muntyan, the fatal incident occurred during a medical examination in a Swiss clinic. It is reported that an allergic reaction was triggered by the MRI fluid, which led to Karshkov falling into a coma and subsequently passing away.

Karshkov, known as the founder of the online bookmaker 1xBet based in Cyprus, was born in Ukraine’s Kyiv region in 1980 before moving to Bryansk, Russia. He held a prominent position in the regional department of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he led the department for combating cybercrime.

In 2020, Russia’s Investigative Committee placed Karshkov on a wanted list for alleged illegal gambling activities and money laundering through 1xBet. Alongside his partner Roman Semikhoin, he faced accusations of conducting unauthorized operations and operating without a license.

After relocating to Cyprus in 2016, Karshkov and Semikhoin were arrested in absentia and became subjects of an international wanted list. However, in an interview with Forbes Russia in 2021, Semikhoin stated that their decision to move was unrelated to the legal issues they faced. He emphasized the importance of building an international project outside of Russia, which became more comfortable for them.

It is worth noting that online bookmakers came under scrutiny by Russian authorities in 2014. Despite the ban on 1xBet in Russia, Semikhoin mentioned the company’s success in Africa and Latin America, highlighting its international presence.

The investigation into Karshkov’s passing is ongoing, and authorities are working to establish the exact cause of his allergic reaction. The news of his untimely death has left many shocked and saddened, as his contributions to the world of online bookmaking and his entrepreneurial endeavours have left a lasting impact.

At the same time, 1xBet is facing the possibility of bankruptcy in Curaçao following a legal battle with the Foundation for the Representation of Victims of Online Gaming (SBGOK). The company has been accused of failing to pay out winnings and owing millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. While a final ruling on bankruptcy is imminent, it is unlikely to have an immediate impact on the company’s operations due to its overseas base and legal complications.


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