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Top 10 Poker Sites for California

California is a state that loves gambling and definitely loves poker. Hosting more than 100 legal card rooms, it’s easy to see why the action often spills online. When this happens, it helps to know what the best online poker sites in California are. Today, we take a good look at the overall selection of poker sites in The Golden State.

There are at least ten excellent online poker card rooms to visit yourself and we offer you to take a look at each individually and see what it brings to the table. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

List of the Best Online Poker Sites in California

  1. BetOnline Poker – 100% up to $1000
  2. Ignition Poker – 100% up to $1000
  3. Bovada Poker – 100% up to $500
  4. Americas Cardroom – 100% up to $2000
  5. Poker – 100% up to $1000
  6. Juicy Stakes Poker 200% up to $1000
  7. Everygame Poker – 200% up to $2000
  8. Blackchip Poker – 100% up to $2000
  9. Global Poker – $20 Gold Coin Package
  10. NLOP Poker – No Deposit Cash Prizes

1. BetOnline Poker – 100% up to $1000

13477 players claimed the offer this month
100% up to $1000

BetOnline Poker is a trusted and established authority in online poker not just in California, but in the United States as a whole. The card room has been around since 2011, bringing some of the most worthwhile experiences to its audiences.

Although the owner of the brand is unknown, the website has built its reputation meticulously over the past decade, bringing some of the most worthwhile poker options to speak of, hosting weekly and weekend showdowns, along with a massive 100% match bonus to claim at the start of your play up to $1000.

In terms of traffic, BetOnline ranks in the top five sites to visit in the United States, and it presently accepts players from all states except for New Jersey. Players will find a whole bunch of excellent games here, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Americana, and 32 Card Draw, but for the bulk of the action, you will have to stick with Texas Hold’em.

There are plenty of flexible payment options that are not readily available at all online poker sites in California, but only the best ones – this includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. The cashouts are fast and usually take under five minutes to transact, the company also has built a native Mac software solution to make sure that players are having a blast.

The tournament section is well-stocked and players can often enter big events, including ones with $10,000 prize pools, for free. Overall, BetOnline Poker delivers one of the best online poker experiences in California.

2. Ignition Poker – 100% up to $1000

13804 players claimed the offer this month
100% up to $3000

Presently the leader in the United States and California in terms of online poker traffic, Ignition Poker is also one of the newest card rooms in the industry. The website was established in 2016 and it has since been a lodestar and a trusted operator.

The company focuses exclusively on Omaha and Texas Hold’em and ensures that it runs frequent and worthwhile events for both formats, from cash games to daily, weekly, and weekend tournaments and showdowns. Players from California are very welcome at Ignition Poker and its events, having the opportunity to grow and scale their offer even further.

Although the brand is new, the people behind the brand go back to 2004, and they have been spearheading some of the biggest innovations and changes in online poker, bringing their experience along to create one of the most worthwhile poker sites in California and the United States as a whole.

You can get a $1000 welcome bonus on your first deposit in poker, and the site makes sure that you have no trouble releasing the bonus in increments as is the industry standard. Bitcoin payouts take only 15 minutes to clear and you can play instantly without downloading any additional software as any modern card room should offer its players.

Ignition Poker has a robust community, which is constantly looking over the website and adjusting anything that it feels is untoward. This alone is not a credential, but it goes to show that the card room engages well with its players and that the community is involved.

3. Bovada Poker – 100% up to $500

14350 players claimed the offer this month
100% up to $500

If there is one name that needs to be introduced among the best online poker sites in California, this is Bovada Poker. Bovada is one of the longest-standing and most trusted brands in the industry. Although it offers a slightly smaller welcome bonus – 100% up to $500 – Bovada is a brand that will provide you with excellent opportunities to play your favorite poker games and have a blast as you go at it.

If you are new, Bovada makes sure that you can play on virtually any betting limit and still leave your mark on the card room and its community. The website is designed and geared towards promoting skilled play. This tradition goes back to 2004 when the website was launched as one of the de facto leaders of online poker and it has remained such over the years.

They easily have one of the highest poker ratings with players all over the country, California included. They are known for their fast payouts which is definitely a plus when you are playing poker – a game where players like to be as free with their money as they possibly can.

Rake has been heading in the right direction as well, giving players enough room to navigate the tournaments and cash games without having to worry about the cost. In the meantime, Bovada has also touched upon its poker software and overall functionality streamlining the entire offer.

There are plenty of options to try, from Zone Poker to Sit & Go Tournaments, to Scheduled Tournaments and more. Bovada also brings big events with chunky rewards in its tournaments that you can qualify for just by playing well in any of the satellites available! This is definitely one of the top card rooms to try online if you are based in California.

4. Americas Cardroom – 100% up to $2000

12522 players claimed the offer this month
100% up to $1000

Americas Cardroom is a name that rings familiar on the Californian online poker scene. The card room has been behind some of the biggest weekend events and annual tournaments that American players can access online and play through qualifying satellite events. Tournament formats such as The Venom have been the talk of the community.

Americas Cardroom is an established powerhouse and one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin poker. In terms of traffic, no other platform pulls the same level of interest from its tournaments as ACR. The company is actively involved in building its reputation as one of the most trusted online poker brands in the United States and it currently services 98% of all jurisdictions in the country.

The card room has very flexible betting limits making it easy for you to start playing on a budget and rise through the ranks on skill alone. Cashouts are fast and they are further simplified by the fact that you can use mainstream cryptocurrencies and altcoins to facilitate payouts. You can play on a really tight budget and still win and increase your presence on the website.

ACR offers a good rakeback and it is known for its generous promos. More importantly, you will want to keep an eye on the available tournaments and see what events are good and worth joining. There are various OSS tournaments apart from The Venom, which will make your stay with Americas Cardroom indeed quite worth it!

If you are looking to set up a home at ACR, you will be very happy to find out that the casino really goes out of its way to provide you with a VIP system that will help you gain better overall perks with the casino. Of course, your chances of entering or winning events will be unchanged as you can expect Americas Cardroom to provide you with a level playfield.  

5. Poker – 100% up to $1000

12089 players claimed the offer this month
50% up to $1000 Poker has been around for a very long time now. Launched in 2012 and bringing you a great 100% bonus up to $1000, this is a brand that has been making forays into the United States. In fact, the brand is currently one of the best online poker sites in California, bringing you the opportunity to play in busy cash games and tournaments.

Among the games you will find on the platform are such choices as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Americana, 32 Card Draw, and more. The game variety at is robust, not just in terms of what poker variants are available, but also in the infrastructure to support them.

As the third largest website in terms of poker in the USA, has plenty to offer. Players will have the opportunity to visit spot-on Texas Hold’em cash games and satellite tournaments, Sit & Go’s, and MTTs, among others.

The cardroom will host various betting and gaming limits making it easy for you to experience excellent games around the clock. Players are very welcome to try any of the available offers and rest safe in the knowledge of Poker is a card room that puts players first.

6. Juicy Stakes Poker – 200% up to $1000

12888 players claimed the offer this month
200% up to $1000

Juicy Stakes Poker is definitely a great online poker site for Californian players to try. You will get started with the 200% bonus up to $1000, which is definitely a nice touch and goes above the industry average in terms of bonuses.

Juicy Stakes Poker focuses on providing you with a versatile experience more so than bonuses, however. The card room will feature various titles, including No Limit Hold Em, Fixed Limit Hold Em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi Lo. The betting limits will range from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $500/$1000 which makes Juicy Stakes Poker the best online poker site in California that offers high-stakes poker and brings you excellent experiences across the board.

High stakes or not, poker at Juicy Stakes is competitive. There are tons of cash games and tournaments to try. The card room also hosts satellite events so you will always have to scale up your presence and prove your worth on skill alone.

Software-wise, the website is functional and will be easy to navigate from both desktop PC and mobile. You will have no issues whatsoever loading up Juicy Stakes and taking the poker experience on the go with you.

7. Everygame Poker – 200% up to $2000

Everygame Poker is another trusted and reliable brand that will help you really enjoy yourself in the long run when you play poker. Players who look for a trusted and established brand can readily rely on Everygame as one of the best online poker sites in California. The 200% bonus up to $2000 will make the experience even more worthwhile if you are looking to play with a little more from the start.

The card room offers No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Texas Hold’em, and Pot Limit Omaha, among other versions of the game. The minimum stakes range from $0.02/$0.04 all the way up to $50/$100, depending on the version of the poker you are playing in the card room. The website features a number of payment options to make it much easier for you to cash out your winnings quickly and efficiently.

In terms of tournament and game variety, Everygame Poker definitely delivers. There are Sit & Go’s and MTTs, that will also help you progress on the website and increase your prize pool. Some of the events have free entry, there are many satellite events that will allow you to enter bigger events and qualify for million-dollar prize purses.

8. Blackchip Poker – 100% up to $2000

Part of the Winning Poker Tournament, Blackchip Poker is another great online card room to try out in California. The card room has been up and running since 2012 and it has been building its reputation one year from the next.

The website has plenty to bring as well, including a hybrid tournament and cash game options, double lottery Sit & Go’s, and more. Blackchip Poker also strives to present players with a level playfield that makes it possible for them to excel based on skill alone. This involves satellite events as well as seven-figure showdowns with guaranteed prize pools.

For those more competitively minded players of online poker in California, there is plenty to do and try as part of the satellite events as well. Blackchip Poker will make it possible to start with a small budget and climb through the different tiers at your own pace.

One small drawback here is the rather longer cash out compared to other online poker card rooms. It will usually take from 24 to 36 hours to transact your money out of the website, which is not too bad at all. An added benefit is that you can grab the 100% bonus up to $2000 which will add to your bankroll and let you experience the card room on a solid credit.

There is a good chance that you will release the bulk of the bonus amount, too, but remember to focus on playing good poker rather than chasing some bonus money. From cash games to great tourneys, and so much more!

9. Global Poker – $20 Gold Coin Package

Global Poker is one of the newest online card rooms in the United States. Despite being new, though, it already shows great promise as well. The website ranks in the top five in terms of overall traffic which definitely makes it one of the most worthwhile options for Californian poker players as well.

Presently, Global Poker works in 49 states in the United States and it uses a system known as sweepstakes which is completely legal, and verified, and it’s the only website that will send money directly to your bank account. This means that you can be based out of California but still receive your money quickly and efficiently and never have to worry about a thing.

There are no fees when you use the sweepstakes to redeem your prizes and can rely on a trusted, tested, and reliable payment method. The software is truly cutting-edge, providing you with a great level of fun when looking to play and compete. On top of that, you will enjoy the platform on both desktop and mobile (iOS & Android) without any drop in performance, going to show why this site is truly one of the best options you can experience right away!

Global Poker prefers to call itself the only legal poker site to be available in the entirety of the United States, owing to its sweepstakes model. The community has responded kindly to the website as they take the sweepstakes as a gateway to some of the most competitive online poker they can find.

The promos are definitely not the website’s strength, but Global Poker can provide you with tons of excellent games to try and play in real time.

10. NLOP Poker – No Deposit Cash Prizes

NLOP Poker brings the rear of this list and with some good reason, too. As one of the smallest poker sites to try in California, the card room has some catching up to do. The traffic isn’t too impressive, and big tournaments are not as frequent as with most other card rooms.

Yet, NLOP has a robust community that plays continuously. The biggest focus is on Texas Hold’em, and the players have a very direct approach as they look to grind low buy-in games on repeat. This creates a good dynamic where you can join and try to grow steadily in a competitive environment.

The tournaments are actually available at a good pace as the card room, too, hosts some excellent events, which are well-frequented especially when there is some build-up to the actual event. NLOP Poker may not be the biggest card room out there but it still has plenty of players who form its strong and robust community.

Best Online Poker Sites in California – Final Word

No matter which one you pick in the end, the online poker sites we listed here are definitely some of the best in California. They provide you with the opportunity to enjoy yourself around the clock and bring excellent and worthwhile experiences.

Whether you are a recreational player or someone who is looking for competition (or even to prove themselves) you will find our list to be quite satisfying.


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